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Tarot is a traditional form of divination that has been practiced for centuries. A tarot reading gives you an answer to your important question and can also describe current events and predict what is going to happen. There are many types of tarot practices and all of them are defined according to the purpose they pursue or the type of cards they use.

As we have mentioned, Tarot is very old, but it has not stopped developing and growing in popularity through recent centuries. This has brought us the emergence of a new trend: tarot reading online.

The first thing we have to understand is that tarot consists of a group of cards that are divided into major and minor Arcana of which each card represents a different area of life. Some years ago, if someone wanted to opt for a tarot reading service, they had to find a specialist. However, today, thanks to advances in technology and especially the Internet, it is possible to find tarot portals that give accurate results and, best of all; they’re often completely free and confidential. But how do online tarot readings work?

Regular Tarot Vs Online Tarot

Regular Tarot Vs Online Tarot

Regular tarot and online tarot are very similar but they have subtle differences. The first one has to do with the way they run. In this sense, the former, as we have mentioned, is a practice related to the interpretation of events, dreams or perceptions that require the use of physical cards. Its technique is based on the selection of cards from a special deck that is then interpreted by a tarot reader, according to the order or arrangement in which they have been selected or distributed. This psychic would be with you in the same room and will make an empathic interpretation of your selection.

And, it is exactly here where we can find the second difference. In the online tarot, there is no physical contact with the reader. Contrary to the original method, online tarot is mostly done through video calls. Thanks to the advances of the Internet, you can choose the psychic with whom you want to talk and proceed to participate in a virtual session that will help you understand aspects of your life, such as love, work, family, friendship and health. In this case, a specialist orders the cards and asks you, according to his/her instructions, to choose the ones you need in order to get results.

We must highlight the advantages of online tarot reading over a face-to-face consultation with a clairvoyant. In addition to everything described above, online tarot offers the benefit of confidentiality. By not having to leave the house, no one has to know who you’re speaking with with

So, knowing this, we are very likely to ask ourselves… Are the results of the online tarot equally accurate than those of the regular one?


The answer is… Yes. Online tarot is as real and accurate as always. Many people are skeptical in this regard because they expect to meet physically with an intuitive entity that connects with them. But the truth is, despite being carried out in different ways, both are very accurate. Among the benefits of online tarot is the fact that it is cheaper and you can save money since it is paid per minute of consultation. Besides, it breaks all geographical boundaries since you can get an online tarot reading from wherever you are. And, finally, it is extremely accessible; you have a lot of psychic hosting platforms that offer all psychic specialties in just one place.

Both regular tarot and online tarot are incredible ways to understand deeply the most important aspects of your existence and knowing which option is best for you will depend on your needs.

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