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The new year, 2020, is here! Things to grow your website traffic in the past will not work in the future. To keep up, we are all going to adapt to the changing times. In this post, we have discussed five strategies that can grow your website traffic in 2020.

Keyword-Oriented Articles

A smart company will create its content plan that comprises keyword-oriented articles. They create articles to solve the pain that their customers are searching for months.

For example, joggers and runners often suffer through the pain of shin splints. If you own a sneaker store, then an article about “the best shoes to cure shin splints” can significantly boost site traffic.

Create Free Tools

A free tool often acts as a traffic magnet. PDFs, reports, and eBooks are a thing of the past. You must create tools people can use if you want someone to opt-in to your email list or engage with your website. Bloggers usually prefer linking checklists, planners, calculators, templates, etc. and share them with their audience. For example, a tool named logo maker from the company Logomyway enables you to create a logo for free for your company using one of their templates. Although the logo maker would have cost a little money to build, the company is getting a significant amount of traffic and engagement. For companies with no money to make such a tool, they can create a free one using something like a spreadsheet.

A company named Time Doctor created a timesheet template. It is just a Google Sheet that allows business owners to record their freelancers’ working hours effectively. It also allows them to calculate the amount of money they need to pay to the workers.

Content Multipliers

Creating new content always is one of the significant challenges a content marketer faces. However, one trend which is expected to increase is to multiply current content. For example, you can turn a blog post into a YouTube video, podcast, Tweets, and an Instagram story or syndicating the blog post on a popular website in your industry and further republish it to LinkedIn and

You can increase the reach of each piece you create by taking your content and turning it into new forms for consumption. Hence it can be assumed that there will be more distribution and less creation of content in 2020.

Look For New Keywords

Finding a keyword isn’t merely looking for a high volume keyword and ranking for that one keyword alone. It’s about strategizing a keyword plan with different terms relevant to your industry and product. If that’s difficult, you must expand on different keywords in your industry. For instance, a website can provide hosting services for creating a content strategy of a blog post that covers topics on hosting and broader topics on WordPress errors, CMS platforms, web development, and more.

If you are expanding your keywords, ensure that you are identifying the search intent behind them. Also, try to serve that search intent with your content.

Host Contests And Giveaways

Hosting contests and giveaways will continue to be one of the significant ways to draw more website visitors. They are based on the power of urgency and the fear of missing out and are great for generating leads and maximizing brand awareness. Moreover, they can leave you with all sorts of valuable data you can collate and analyze.

In Conclusion

The landscape of content marketing is changing rapidly. Exiting from the 2010s and moving into the 2020s is going to become more competitive to get your content seen and getting traffic to your website. Tapping into these five strategies can get you ahead of the curve and might increase your chances of converting those visitors into paying customers.

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