Last year we had everything from Scandinavian-inspired interior design trends to woven wall hangings. This year we have some fresh items on our lists. The do not present a radical change, but they are quite appeasing to the eye. So without further ado, here are seven design trends interior décor experts deem to be all the rage in 2017.

Interior design Trends 2018

1. Tropical Prints

Tropical prints in curtains and furniture will also be trending in 2017. The mentioned print will further appear in designer fabrics along with wallpapers. If you are on a budget, you can simply buy a plain sofa and have cushions feature the tropical prints.

2. Texture

Experts deem that 2017 will see weaving textures making an entry to most interiors. The idea behind it all will revolve around mixing fabrics and materials. One can expect to see texture featured in everything be it wallpapers, brushed brass tables or even light fixtures.

3. Green

interior design trends

Shades from lime green to emerald are expected to be very popular in 2017. The hue can work throughout the home and could be a wall color or a room-filling rug. If you do not like the color and still want to have the updated look, you can add emerald glasses to your regular white cutlery and you will be good to go.

4. Marble and Brass Combinations

A stow away from 2016, the marble and brass combination will still be popular in 2017. Experts say that the said combination will dominate both baths and kitchens. The precise reason for this is that the combination of brass and marble is very clean and natural.

5. Muted Colors

The present year is all about neutral colors and one won’t see bold colors anywhere. Colors such as whites, pale grays, beiges, blush pink and camel are expected to be super on-trend. People having anxiety from bold colors will be quite happy in 2017.

6. Geometrics

People will be creating living spaces that feel curated. This is why geometrics will be very popular in 2017. Inventive geometrics defining ancient cultures in a modernized way will be seen everywhere.

7. Quirky Lighting

Lightingis the perfect way to exhibit your one’s unique design sensibility. Experts say quirky lighting fixtureswill be dominating the dining rooms and living rooms. If you want something memorable, you can also spruce up your bedside lamps with such lighting.


  1. Oh man lovely ideas. I have just moved to a new place with my hubby and am looking for inspiration for home decor ideas.Thank you for the ideas!!!!!


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