Interior Design Secrets

On average, interior design will cost you $2,000 to $5,000, excluding the price of furniture, according to Decorilla. Decorating your home with stunning interior designs isn’t easy. Inspiring interiors require materials that blend with the home’s architecture. The decor objects should be timeless, scaled proportionally, and reflect your personality and style preferences. Striking a balance between traditional and contemporary styles is also advisable. If you’re looking for unique ways to decorate your home, here are 4 interior design secrets shared by experts in the industry.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Your color scheme can make or break the interior design of your home. To ensure your living space stands out, be cautious when choosing a color palette. Avoid working with neutrals only because they are too subtle. Instead, pick a colorful pattern that enhances the aesthetics of your house. It is reasonable to pick three to four colors and work with them consistently to make your rooms look complete and balanced.

Use Large Art In Small Spaces

Art is vital in interior design because it can set your home’s color palette instantly. It creates a focal point, makes rooms look finished, adds a sense of texture and color, and showcases your creativity. Art can also make small spaces appear large and elegant. If you have smaller rooms in your house, consider hanging one large piece of painting or framed photograph. Remember, too many pieces of art tend to take up the entire space in your house. With large art, you can create a focal point effortlessly, and your rooms will seem bigger than they are.

Consider Open Plan Design

Consider Open Plan Design

Homes with open plan design concepts are spacious, versatile, and have plenty of light. However, putting together this interior design can be challenging. Your house will likely lack privacy, comfort, and warmth if the layout is incorrect. According to expert interior designers in Austin, it is highly recommended that you find a professional architect to sketch an open plan concept.

Whether you’re redesigning or building from scratch, the open-plan design should be simple, stylish, and practical. Determine which part of the house will be perfect for your living room, home office, dining and kitchen, and bedroom. Ensure your furniture is not close to the walls, choose a cohesive color scheme, decorate with multipurpose furnishing, paint an accent wall, and maintain a flow in your space.

Prioritize Lighting

Lighting affects the mood and energy around your home. So make wise decisions when selecting lighting options and fixtures. There are also many ways you can use lighting to impress guests, from the hallway to the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. For example, you can make a statement with unique pendant lights or chandeliers. Choose wall scones to create a soft ambiance in any room. Light up the stairs by fitting lights on the side or embedding them in the risers to create a design element. Ensure to pick bulbs that cast a warm glow and cooler hues.

Creating impressive interiors can be daunting. But with a few secrets shared by interior designers, you can transform your house into a glamorous space. Make sure to consider your floor plan, lighting options, wall art, color scheme, and d├ęcor when designing your space.


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