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You’ve likely heard of the benefits of having a Murphy bed in your home. Why drag a regular bed out of the wall each morning when you can have extra space to move around in your room by having a bed that’s hidden by a door?

There are a lot of perks to having a Murphy bed with a table, too. You can even store things on top of the bed, like a coffee table, to get even more spaciousness and use out of your room. We’ve compiled some must-know information about this setup in your home.
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1. Space Optimization

We all know that Murphy beds can greatly reduce clutter and maximize space. When investing in this type of bed, it is important to keep compromising your livable area. The wall bed is stored against the wall when not in use, freeing up floor space during the day when the table can be used for work, dining, or other activities.

It’s important to measure your space carefully to get the right size and account for clearance requirements. Make sure to invest in a mattress that is compatible with the bed. Consider finding a quality Murphy bed and investing in safety straps to prevent the bed from falling if pulled away from the wall.

2. Dual Functionality

A Murphy Bed with a Table has a desk/workspace hidden in the lower frame that can easily be pulled out. This dual functionality allows you to maximize your space by having a bed and a desk/workspace without taking up as much real estate.

Measure the room to ensure the bed can fit once it’s lifted and the workspace extended. Know what type of mattress you will need to purchase for the bed. Research the features of the bed to ensure they meet your lifestyle and desired ergonomic needs.

3. Quality of Mechanism

It affects the bed’s reliability – such as the smoothness of opening and closing – and longevity. Be sure to ask the seller what kind of mechanism the bed includes. Better-quality mechanisms often use a piston system to prevent the bed from shifting around in the “up” position.

It is also a good idea to check with the manufacturer about any warranty for the bed. If you want to ensure the highest quality and durability, investing in a Murphy bed with a higher-grade mechanism from a reputable manufacturer is best.

4. Table Size and Sturdiness

Table size will depend on how much space is available. If space is a premium, a smaller table may be desired. However, a bigger table will provide more workspace if the room is larger. Sturdiness is also important. Make sure the table bed is well-constructed, with sturdy legs and a thick top.

It should also be well-secured to the bed so that the table does not get in the way when it is closed. Lastly, ensure the mechanism used to open and close the bed is also reliable and sturdy.

5. Material and Aesthetic

For the material, consider the type of frame, mattress support system, and fabric upholstery. Consider whether you want a budget-friendly, basic frame or an upgraded model with extra features. Then, factor in the size and weight of the bed. Ensure the material and mattress support system are strong and durable enough to hold your bed load.

Evaluate which type of fabric upholstery or covering looks best for your aesthetic. Will a self-adhesive fabric work, or do you want a durable, machine-washable option? You can even opt for a higher-end, stylish covering if your budget allows. T

6. Ease of Installation

It is essential to make sure that the tabletop and the base are separate, as one item can be installed into the wall while the other is fixed to the floor. It is important to know that the hardware comes pre-assembled, including:

  • metal hangers
  • hinges
  • jacks
  • bolts

Furthermore, the desk component of the Murphy bed is detached and should be fixed to the wall. The package should also include steps and instructions for easy and safe installation, which can be completed with essential tools and carpentry skills. A

7. Safety Features

Sturdy wall mounting brackets should be in place to keep the bed from collapsing when in an open position. Make sure there is a braking mechanism that prevents the bed from accidentally swinging open or closing when people are in the room.

When lifting the bed for closure, a hydraulic damper should be installed to slow the fall so it doesn’t hit with extreme force. For added safety, the bed frame should have an integrated anti-inversion system that prevents it from falling if it suddenly becomes unbalanced.

8. Mattress Compatibility

Before you buy, you must ensure the mattress you want to use will fit the Murphy bed’s frame. Traditional Murphy beds are usually set with a width between 30 and 38 inches and a length between 75 and 80 inches. The mattress might be too thick or not completely flat to be supported properly.

You should also know that Murphy beds generally accommodate a full or queen-size mattress. If you’re looking for something more extensive, you must know that the fin size may be too small to work correctly.

9. Additional Features

Many furniture companies offer built-in tables, cabinets, shelves, lighting, and modern technology such as Bluetooth connectivity to allow the bed to be programmed or remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Some models come with:

  • adjustable mattress heights
  • side compartments

To maximize convenience and comfort when working from the bed. Consider a Murphy Bed with an in-built sound system, a book or magazine rack, a USB charging port, and a safety feature such as a locking mattress guard tightly securing the bed closed.

10. Cost and Budget Considerations

A Murphy Bed typically costs $1,000-$6,000, not including mattress, custom furniture, or delivery. In most cases, customers should expect to spend $2,000-$4,000; however, more detailed projects may cost upwards of $10,000.

Before investing, consider the total budget for the project, accounting for in-home installation costs, extra hardware/wall modifications, any additional furniture required, and the mattress size needed.

Find The Perfect Murphy Bed With a Table For Your Home

Investing in a Murphy bed with a table can be a great way to maximize your living space and provide an inviting place to work or unwind. Do your research and consult an expert to ensure you find the right bed. Now you’re better informed, why don’t you start browsing to make the most of your home?

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