How Often to Clean Solar Panels A Guide for Businesses - solar panel maintenance checklist

If you’re maintaining a business, there’s a lot on your plate. Among the things on it is managing your power, and that’s likely easier if you have solar energy on your site, but there’s still some clean-up to do. How often should you clean solar panels?

What many people don’t know is that birds can cause damage to solar panels and possibly damage them beyond repair. This means cleaning up your site can help you save money in the long run, as keeping your solar panels clean can extend their lifetime.
Read on for our guide on how often to clean solar panels.

Should You Clean Solar Panels?

Yes, you should clean solar panels periodically or more often if necessary. Built-up debris, such as bird droppings, leaves, and snow, can reduce and even block sunlight from reaching the solar panel. Dirty solar panels can suffer from reduced efficiency, resulting in reduced power output and electricity generation.

Clean solar panels also look better and more aesthetically pleasing if visible to neighbors and/or passersby. It’s also important to note that special care needs to be taken when cleaning types of solar panels as they are highly sensitive and prone to scratches and other damage.

How Often to Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels is necessary to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency. Depending on your location, the frequency of cleaning your panels can vary. If you live in an arid location, you may only need to clean your solar panels every 6-12 months.

Locations with higher levels of dust, pollen, and debris may need to be cleaned every few months.

To ensure that your solar system is running at maximum efficiency, you should also survey them and check for any buildup of dust. Inspect all of your connections for any corrosion or damage from the weather.

When Should You Not Clean Solar Panels?

When the weather is windy or rainy, it is best to not clean solar panels. If the solar panel is installed on a roof, cleaning during rainy or windy conditions could be dangerous. Wind can cause one to lose balance and slip off a roof.

If rain is in the weather forecast, cleaning should also be avoided, as the water and soap used to clean the panels can cause the panels to break down from the minerals in the rainwater. The soap and water mixture could also cause the solar panel to become unnecessarily slick and slippery, causing a hazard.

Cleaning Methods for Solar Panels

There are several methods for keeping them clean, including hose scrubbing and professional servicing. Hose scrubbing is another way, but use caution as too much water pressure can damage the solar cells. Hiring professional commercial solar cleaning service is one way that is becoming more popular and should be used if a homeowner is not comfortable performing the cleaning themselves.

Professionals have the right cleaning solutions and equipment to ensure the panels are kept in the best possible working conditions. All of these cleaning methods can help to make the solar panels efficient at collecting energy from the sun and producing the most amount of power.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are essential investments to most businesses, but they need to be properly maintained. Understanding the need for how often to clean solar panels ensures the optimal performance of your system and adds to your business savings.

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