Land Rover Defender

After a hiatus that felt like a century, the Land Rover Defender is finally back for the 2020 model year. The new Land Rover is a compilation of over 70 years of innovative design and offers immense capability and durability along with a rugged design and a slew of high-tech features. With some assistance from Warren Henry Auto Group (Miami), here is our report:

Ultimate customization

The 2020 Land Rover Defender is available with a wide range of optional packages and stand-alone features so you can completely customize your Defender to your lifestyle. Three different roof options are available for the Defender which includes an optional Fuji White or Narvik Black contrast roof. A sliding panoramic roof opens to allow plenty of light into the interior of the Defender and further connects you to the outdoors. While the Folding Fabric Roof which comes standard on the Defender 90 First Edition opens up to give you a taste of open-air freedom.

Explorer Pack

Take on any exploration, any trail, in any landscape with the Explorer Pack for the 2020 Land Rover Defender. Sand dunes are no match for the Defender when equipped with the Explorer Pack that comes with a raised air intake. The pack also includes an exterior side-mounted gear carrier that is both lockable and waterproof which is ideal for storing wet or muddy items such as clothes. A matte black hood decal not only adds exterior styling it also helps reduce sun glare. The pack also comes with wheel arch protection, front and rear classic mudflaps, a spare wheel cover, and an expedition roof rack. You can also upgrade the pack with a deployable roof ladder, a front expedition protection system, and deployable side steps.


Adventure Pack

Discover new territories with the Adventure Pack for the Land Rover Defender. The portable rinse system allows you to wash off the mud from any adventure. While the integrated air compressor allows you to blow up anything from an air mattress to the Defender’s tires. The pack also comes with a seat backpack that attaches to the middle of the rear seat and is removable for use when you arrive at your destination. The exterior side-mounted gear carried, spare wheel cover, bright rear scuff plate, and front and rear mudflaps also come with the Adventure Pack.

Country Pack

Take on the countryside in the Land Rover Defender outfitted with the County Pack which includes the portable rinse system, front and rear classic mudflaps, wheel arch protection, and bright rear scuff plate. The pack also comes with a full-height cargo space partition that keeps cargo separate from the cabin.

Urban Pack

Cruise around the city in style thanks to the Urban Pack which outfits the Land Rover Defender with a spare wheel cover, a bright rear scuff plate, and a front undershield. The pack also outfits the Defender with durable bright metal pedals. You can also choose between three different side step options which include fixed side steps, bright side tubes, and deployable side steps that automatically deploy when activated by the key fob or when a door is opened.


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