Have you ever wondered what it would be like   stocks? How exciting is it to follow stocks and even invest in them? Stocks are something most everyone follows. Either because we are interested in seeing their growth, so we can invest, or because we are already investing and we want to see if the investment was worthwhile. Day trading can be a fun, exciting, and lucrative past time if you know how to approach it. Below are day trading secrets to help get you started.

1. Patience

Knowing and holding out for the best stock prices; make sure you are not rushing into something that doesn’t pan out in the end. Take your time to get to know the stock before rushing in and buying it.

2. Plan


With everything in life, having some kind of plan makes it all work out better, taking the time to put stuff into perspective before jumping in with both feet, is the better way to do things.

3. Emotions


Never do things if your emotions are running high, we tend to make mistakes when our emotions take over, and in the stock game that can mean major losses

4. Prepare

Always look and watch stocks before you jump into it, Sometimes it takes a little knowledge to get you the right stock, sitting down and going over them, makes for the best decisions

5. Risks

Know the risks. Every trade won’t be successful, knowing the risks beforehand can help cushion the blow when that one trade doesn’t go quite right

6. Options

Know your options, trading stocks isn’t the only thing you want to do. Forex, which is the foreign exchange market, can help you diversify your portfolio, and create even more chances to trade and earn. If you don’t have the capital to trade stocks, Forex would be a better place to start. Additionally, futures are another trading option, with even less capital required to start.

7. Strategy

Choose your strategy before you start. Are you going to follow the big financial picture when choosing your stocks, or are you going to go with the flow and invest in the ones that are exploding at the moment?

8. Stopping Point

Create a stopping point, whether it is a dollar amount, or a number of trades lost, knowing when to quit is key. Hit your stopping point, then leave it alone until the next day. You come back with a clear mind, and you haven’t put yourself in the poor house

9. Research

Look at trending stocks; you can look for the top 10 most successful stocks in any given year to give you a starting point, then look at their growth. If it is solid, start by trading those first. Another option would be to start with the stocks for things that you own. Also, make sure that you know how to read stock. If you don’t know what the numbers mean, chances are you won’t be able to successfully trade it.

10. Time


Day trading is time-consuming, it is not something that can be rushed through; not if you want to be successful. Make sure you are setting aside ample enough time to research the stocks, apply what you have learned about them, and plan your trades.

There are many factors into being able to know what to do and when to buy the stock, forex, or futures contract; as well as when it is the right time to sell it. Stock trading isn’t for the weak at heart, or for those that are too fast paced to take their time to learn, and/or complete the trades. It has taken some people years to master day trading, and it isn’t always easy. You have to calculate all of the risks and the rewards before you put your hard earned money on the line. These are some of the secrets you can follow in day trading.

However, if you follow some of the advice above, you will have a greater chance at being a successful day trader, and making your retirement nest egg quite a bit cushier. Every little bit of knowledge helps, and it is an ever-changing game, so ask questions, do your research, know the stock inside and out, then get out there and start trading those stocks.


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