Brake Pads

There are two things that need to be perfect in a car. One that it should get you from point A to point B and second that it should stop whenever you set your foot on the brake pedal. In order to maintain your car to the fullest and retain its ability to come clean. You will have to check the brake system of your car on a regular basis by a mechanic who is trusted and qualified. Since there is a great chance that you will have to replace the brake pads and of your car several times a year. There are a lot of sites you can buy new ones. For example, on, online marketplace to sell or buy genuine car parts.

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But What Even are Brake Pads?

Brake pads enable your car to stop when needed. When you push the brake pedal, the brake pads apply friction against the metal drum, which pauses the vehicle. Due to this friction, the brake pads eventually wear off after a while. However, that usually depends on how you drive. People who drive frequently in high traffic areas and on busy roads, their brake pads wear off sooner compared to those who hardly drive in such situations.

Every car’s owner manual has a list of recommended routine checks, which may also include brake inspections. But as a thumb rule, make sure that you ask your mechanic to take a look at your brake pads every time the tires are rotated. This gives the mechanic visual access to the thickness and condition of the brake pads and the hardware of the brakes.

Warning Signs

There are several signs that should not be overlooked because they indicate that the brake pads need to be replaced. These signs should be paid strict attention to. They include the following

  1. A screeching noise whenever brakes are applied
  2. Grinding and squealing that is very evident and clearly audible
  3. Longer stopping distance
  4. There are pulsations through the pedal of the brake
  5. The brake pedal becomes lower and you can feel it sitting on the floor.

So, if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, take your car to the mechanic to see if the brake pads of your car need to be repaired or require attention. This will help you stay safe while driving and reduce the chances of any car accidents. Moreover, it will prevent you from filing a car insurance claim.

Why is it Necessary to Change Brake Pads?

Unlike the other variables, such as the dynamics and power of a car, brakes are very important when it comes to driving. They are life savers. Though most cars have the brakes at their front end, some of them even have it at their rear ends.
The disc brake system utilizes the brake pads to push against the rotors whenever the brakes are applied. The brake pads provide friction by rubbing against the brakes, in order to slow down the vehicle. In this article have talked about why brake pads need to be changed, which have been mentioned below.

change brake pads

Force of the Brake

There is a loss in the force of the brake as the time goes by, after the brake pads start to wear off. And usually, the people who drive on a regular basis can figure it out pretty quickly when there is a drop in the braking efficiency.

Warning Lights

There are many automobiles that can detect it when the brake pads start to wear off through the sensors that have been equipped in them. The system shows warning messages either on the screen or in the form of lights whenever the brake pads wear off.

Pedal of the Brake

When the brake pads wear off, a mild vibration is felt on the pedal of the brake. Whenever this change is felt in the pedal’s play and feels, it is obvious that the braking system needs to be changed and requires attention.

Pedal of the Brake

Visual Inspection

Usually, it is very easy to check the brake pads. In most of the situations, it can be done visually from outside. You can see if the brake pads have enough thickness or not. Ideally, any brake pad that has a thickness of 2mm is considered to be in its last stages of life. Probably even dead.

Brake Noise

Brake pads that have been worn out cause grinding noises when the brakes are applied. This usually happens when the surface of the pads, which has been worn out grinds against the metal surface of the rotors.


A brake that functions properly ensures a safe driving experience. Nevertheless, it also enhances the driver’s confidence.


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