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When engaging in a traffic maneuver that covers the opposite lane of the road, evading incoming traffic becomes the main priority in ensuring the safety of all participating vehicles. A left-turn accident involves a lot of risk assessment and, due to its nature, is considered as the last priority maneuver during comparative traffic flows. When a driver is not cautious of these factors, they might incite a left-turn crash.

In intersections, crashes are most common due to the varied maneuvers needed to exchange lanes. Statistically, left-turn crashes account for 22.2% of all intersection crashes and take the largest sum total by a fair margin. Left-turn crashes also incur a heavy number of fatalities each year, giving this issue the weight of seriousness that it needs.

Liability of a left-turn crash

Who May Be Liable For a Left-Turn Crash

Logically, people would assume that the driver doing a left turn at an intersection is responsible for a left-turn crash, and most often, they would be correct with that assumption. Left turns are only allowed if no other cars are impeded during the maneuver, making any risky turns the responsibility of the turning driver.

Turning requires the largest amount of logistical readiness and preparedness, and less-skilled drivers can misjudge or neglect the traffic laws that aim to negate vehicle collisions. If that is the case, then the turning driver is liable for colliding against another vehicle or property.

Compensation lawsuits

If the driver has only been found to be comparatively at fault of the collision, they are still entitled to personal injury compensation in California. A faulty vehicle does not undermine the driver’s own responsibilities when on the road but can affect whether they can rightfully be compensated for the crash.

It is paramount that, if the driver does not take full responsibility for the accident, they contact a personal injury attorney to further inspect and consider the circumstances of the crash as a way to ease the process of recovery needed. Deciding to contact a lawyer is a worthwhile effort even if the situation seems dire. The Grossman Lawyers provide additional information into the steps you can take to level the ability for you to receive compensation for your damages.

Take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and fight for the resources to defend yourself from an unjust claim.

What to do if You’ve Been Injured in a Left-Turn Car Accident

If you’ve been injured in a left-turn car crash, these steps can be invaluable to your physical and financial recovery.

  • Get to a position of safety – Sometimes, the safest place for you is in your vehicle. In other cases, it may be safer to exit and get out of the roadway.
  • Call 911 – The dispatcher will require your location, the vehicle description, and the number and type of injuries. If you don’t know, your location, look for landmarks.
  • Take Photos or Videos – You should try to get images or video of the intersection signs, the damage to the vehicles, the injuries, and debris on the ground.
  • Talk to Witnesses – If someone saw your crash, ask them to remain on scene. Otherwise, get their contact information.
  • Allow EMS to Examine You – This will not hurt your case. On the contrary, it will establish a baseline for your injuries.
  • Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer – A personal injury lawyer can assist you in getting the best outcome for your case. Contact one at your earliest convenience.

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