Job Opportunity

If you are searching for the perfect job wherever it may be, will you be ready when opportunity knocks on your door?! If you can do these things, you just might be ready no matter how far away your new job is.

Get Packed and Stay Flexible

If you are trying to find a good job across the country or on another continent, you need to be flexible. You can start by boxing up and labeling everything that is off season. Then you can reduce your footprint by decluttering, take things to charity and either trash or recycle the rest. Perhaps you should give up your lease when it comes up. You can find a place with friends and rent a storage unit to house the majority of your belongings. Then you are ready for the move and the job that could change your life.

Know Where Your Money Is

If you want to move at a moment’s notice, it will help to know where your money is. This means getting your documentation organized. You want to keep documents together in a fireproof box or a home safe. This includes your will, insurance policies, trusts, property deeds and certificates for annuities, bonds or stocks.

Also keep information with the documents on all important accounts including bank, retirement, mutual funds. Add in any current information on debts like mortgages and loans, credit cards and utility bills. You can maintain your budget on an app that actually downloads your accounts. This will allow you to know where every penny is and what money is left over to spend. You’ll need extra cash for travel and resettlement.

Stay Certified

If your job requires certification, make sure you keep it current. This could be something as fun as your scuba diving certification or as essential as your CPR certification. Just make sure you are up to date if your dream job requires it.

Are there other papers you need for travel or moving? An official government ID is becoming more and more common. This may mean updating your driver’s license to get the more official identification that allows you to fly.

Will you need your passport? If it has expired, you may have to wait months to get it. Instead of waiting until you get an overseas offer, get your passport updated now. Hopefully by the time it comes in the mail, you will have the offer you have been waiting for.

What about your vaccines? If you aren’t up to date, you may need to be if you are going to fly. Even if you plan on driving to your new job, it will be easier if you already have your latest tetanus booster and anything else that is due. If the job you want is overseas, go ahead and address all of your dental problems. You don’t want that to stop you from going or make life hard when you get there.

So, what are you waiting for? Start applying for those faraway dream jobs. If you can be flexible and get prepared, you’ll have a headstart on making a whole new life for yourself.


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