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A-listers know how to travel in style. They fly in Luxury Vacation Rentals a private jet, stay in the most exquisite places on earth, and have unlimited budgets at their disposal. Nothing is off-limits to the Kardashian clan and their ilk. Luxury private villa for 10? Check. Gulfstream VIP private jet? Check. Is everything paid for? Check.

Sadly, the rest of us mere mortals have to find innovative ways to slash costs if we want the whole A-lister vacation experience. The good news is that anyone can stay in a luxury vacation rental without paying a small fortune for the privilege. Here are some sneaky tips to help you travel in style this year.

Select the Right Destination

Right Destination

Think carefully about what type of vacation you want before you make plans to book a luxury hotel or vacation rental. Do you like the idea of lying on an idyllic beach all day? Or perhaps you would rather stay in a remote villa many miles from civilization, where you can de-stress with a few books and some very nice local wine.

There are some luxurious properties in every corner of the world. From boutique hotels on the Neapolitan Rivera with 24/7 concierge service to high-end beachfront villas in the Turks and Caicos, you will be spoiled for choice. But it’s essential that you have a clear idea about what kind of vacation experience you want.

Beach vacations are ideal for anyone who wants to do very little for a week or two. City breaks are perfect for anyone who likes the idea of exploring some of the world’s most interesting cities. You might also like to consider a ski vacation if a winter break appeals to you.

Make a wish list for a dream vacation and see which destination ticks all the right boxes. Don’t forget to take the season you want to travel into account. For example, traveling to the Caribbean between October and November is a bad idea, as this is hurricane season.

Choose the Right Property

Once you have nailed down a destination, your next step is to picture the kind of property you would like to stay in.

We all have a mental image of our dream vacation rental. Mine is a luxury beachfront villa with huge glass doors that open on to a terrace with amazing views, an infinity pool, and lots of lush, fragrant foliage. Yours might be a French chateau surrounded by a moat and acres of brooding forest.

Think about the kind of property that would make you swoon with delight. Speak to your travel partners to make sure you are all on the same page. Otherwise, things might go awry when you arrive at your luxury vacation rental and some of the party are dissatisfied with the accommodation.

Write a Wish List

Write a Wish List

The whole point of booking a luxury vacation rental is that it comes with a host of extras included in the price. However, it’s a good idea to have a wish list of the things you can’t live without. That way, you won’t be disappointed when you arrive and find the espresso machine you desire for is not available.

The view is a prime example of a feature that separates a standard vacation rental from a superlative one. Do you want a sea view? Or would you rather be facing inland with views of the mountains? Decide what view you want and pick a rental that offers this.

Is there a pool? A pool usually comes as standard with luxury vacation rentals but think about whether you need more than one pool. For example, if you are traveling in a group, it might be wise to select a property with a separate pool for the children to play in, leaving the infinity pool on the terrace for the adults to enjoy.

Is there a garden, terrace, games room, media room, laundry room? Do you need a separate room for the nanny or au pair?

Do you require an on-site chef who can cook meals each day for your party? Or would you rather be left in peace for the duration of your trip?

Check the local amenities too. It’s all well and good searching for a private villa many miles from anywhere, but if you like dining out or replenishing your wine collection regularly, having to drive for an hour along a single-track road to pick up some milk will soon wear thin.

Check What’s Included in the Price

Luxury vacation rentals often include a host of extras as part of the deal. Some properties have an on-site butler to prepare meals for you. Others provide games and water sports equipment such as snorkel gear, so you don’t have to take your own or hire staff when you arrive. You can also check if you want to know about the latest snorkel gears.

Check whether you need to take anything, such as groceries for when you arrive, games for the kids, toiletries, bathrobes, hairdryers, etc. It’s always best to know before you start packing, so you don’t end up without something vital when you arrive.

Make a Booking Nice and Early

Be aware that the very best properties in prime locations are often booked up well in advance. If you find your dream property online, book it as far in advance as possible. This ensures it is available for you and your guests, plus you can lock in your vacation at today’s prices. You will have to pay a deposit, but this is often refundable if you subsequently need to cancel your vacation because your plans have changed.

If you are struggling to select the right luxury rental for your next vacation, speak to a travel advisor. They can give you more information about the destination you are considering, as well as advise you on the various properties on your short list. They usually have inside information about which properties are most popular and can help curate properties based on your special requirements, for example, if you or a companion has mobility issues.

It is worth going the extra mile when planning your dream vacation. Traveling like a celeb takes a bit of extra effort, but the rewards are worth the extra effort.


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