How to Win the Fight Against Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Did you know that at least 10% of the Americans have a drug abuse problem? A 2018 report on drugs and substance abuse predicted that the percentage of Americans with drug abuse problem is likely to increase by 2030. The state of drug and substance abuse calls for a holistic approach to this reality. Alchemy Sober Living is, without a doubt, one of the best remedies for drug and substance abuse. Apart from having a brilliant treatment plan for drug and substance abuse, the entity offers some of the best services in an attempt to help their clients overcome substance abuse.

The scope of drugs and substance abuse

Although a huge percentage of people in the USA have experience with drugs, only 10% of them end up with addiction. Addiction as an academic discipline is arguably one of the most studied areas by both experts and academics. The best definition (of alcohol and substance abuse) is the inability to have control over substance use and, more importantly, an irresistible urge to use drugs and substances. Experts point out that different factors can lead to addiction and these factors vary from one person to another. Some experts have classified drug and substance abuse as a disease. This classification dictates that the approach to treating drugs and substance abuse should be professional. Did you know that half of the people with alcohol and substance problem do not know that they have a medical problem?

Why is professional help vital for people with alcohol and substance abuse?

First, professional assistance is ideal in identifying the nature of alcohol and substance abuse. Although the above definition of drugs and substance abuse gives a blanket definition of the problem, there are different variations of alcohol and drug abuses. Specific diagnosis of the addiction is ideal for better and professional treatment. Self-diagnosis is highly discouraged since it can lead to complex alcohol and substance addictions.

Second, involving a professional in treating a drug problem can help in faster and more efficient treatment. Although the Internet has many materials on how to handle drug addiction, professional assistance is unmatched. Apart from professionally identifying the specific drug problem, professionals have the ability to recommend the best and sustainable remedy for drugs. Sustainability in treatment procedures is one of the most underrated aspects of fighting alcohol and substance abuse.

Thirdly, professionals help patients in being responsible and, more importantly, having a better approach towards change. Studies on alcohol and drug abuse point out that lack of responsibility is one of the main reasons why it is hard for most people to overcome alcohol and substance abuse. Professionals are the best responsibility partners in fighting against alcohol and substance abuse.

Tips on winning the fight against alcohol and substance abuse

  • Create solid and healthy relationships

Addiction and dependency on alcohol and drugs take away relationships. The void left is filled with unhealthy relationships which experts believe lead to more bad decisions. However, healthy relationships are ideal for accountability and support system. Pundits point out that healthy ties from friends and family can assist in creating responsibility and accountability partners. With accountability partners, it is easier to have control over alcohol and substance abuse.

  • Redefine life priorities

Alcohol and substance abuse can reorganize one’s life.However, having specific life priorities is one-step to independence from alcohol and substance abuse. Experts point out that having simple routines, such as when to hang out with friends, can help in the fight against addiction and drug dependency. Having a specific definition of friends is also one of the simple but significant steps in regaining control of one’s life. To have success in redefining life priorities, experts believe that developing structured schedules is unmatched.

Being physically active is ideal

Did you know that alcohol and substance abuse have a significant effect on physical fitness? More than 98% of people with a drug addiction problem are physically unfit.

However, after treatment or professional assistance, experts point out that having a specific exercise routine is important. According to multiple studies, having a particular exercise routine assists in reducing high levels of stress, which pundits point that stress is the highest cause of relapse.

In some cases, a lack of exercise routine can also lead to boredom. Just like stress, boredom is highly attributed to relapse cases for people with drug addiction history. Finally, having a specific exercise routine is also ideal for the human body, and it is a better way to rediscover oneself.

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