Ford Ranger Epic

Who doesn’t love the Ford Ranger? Capable, stylish, and small enough to avoid the high fuel costs associated with full-sized trucks, the Ranger is a great all-around compact pickup. However, for all its style and panache, there are ways that you can kick that wow factor up. Not sure how to do that? Here are five Ford Ranger upgrades to make your truck truly epic.

Ford Ranger Side Steps

Want to add a rugged look to your Ranger while also giving it a bit more utility? Ford Ranger side steps can be a great addition to help you get the aesthetic that you want. However, they also serve a purpose in helping you climb into the cab – very handy for raised trucks, but worth considering even on those with a stock ride height.

Ford Ranger Rock Sliders

If side steps aren’t your thing, then you might appreciate a set of rock sliders. More robust and rugged than side steps, rock sliders provide a step into the cab, but also protect the door sill and bottom from damage when going over rough terrain.

Ford Ranger Exhaust

Need a bit more power, plus a dash of style? An upgraded exhaust could be exactly what you want. Reduce backpressure, increase horsepower, and get that look that you want with turbo-back and cat-back exhausts.

Ford Ranger Bullbars

Bullbars provide a rugged aesthetic plus robust protection for the front of your truck. They protect the grille and the underlying radiator, while also providing some protection for headlights and the edge of the bonnet. Commercial bullbars can also include fog lights, side-marker lights, and mounting locations for accessories like winches and other tools you will need for work and play.

Ford Ranger ECU Remapping

The computer controls how your truck’s engine performs, the torque output from the transmission, and much more. ECU remapping provides a way to adjust performance for heavy loads, maintaining momentum in an off-road environment, or even combatting sluggish on-road performance.

Whether you are looking for a way to add style and protection or improve performance and power, there are Ford Ranger upgrades that can help you achieve your goals.


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