Kids Bed Design Ideas

Usually, people have trouble deciding between a queen vs king mattress for themselves. The thing is it is usually a question of comfort for adults. When it comes to their kids, there seems to only be one choice. A twin-size bed is almost always the choice.

The thing is that this is not your only choice. Nor should it be. In fact, the best option for your child is actually a queen-size bed. It may seem like that is too big for a child but the reality is that there are a lot of benefits to having a big bed for them.

As long as you have enough space in your bedroom it should be an option you consider. In this article, I will go over the reasons you should be thinking about getting a bigger bed for your child.

More snuggle space

Maintaining close contact with your child is very important. It strengthens bonds and helps your child become more confident as they feel like they have somebody strong always on their side.

One of the best ways to keep this bond strong is to have bedtime be one of those moments that define their day. Some joyous time just before bed helps them sleep better. And the way to do this is to get in some good snuggle time before they drift off to sleep.

The problem is that as they grow there is not much room to snuggle up with them. This is why a queen size bed is ideal for your growing child. You can comfortably snuggle up with them without feeling like you are about to fall off of the edge.

It grows with them

One day your child is going to be a teenager. And you will be looking to buy them a new bed. Which can be expensive. However, if you already have the bed then the bed grows along with them.

The mattress may need to be changed by the time they are big and need to have the space of a queen-size bed. However, the frame will definitely be ready for them once they hit that age.

You have more options

Once you move out of the child options for most products you realize just how limiting they are. Kids sizes don’t give you nearly as many options as adult-sized products.

This is just as true when it comes to bedding. When your child has a queen size bed, now your choices for sheets and mattresses are unlimited. You aren’t forced to choose from a narrow set of options. You also have the luxury of sharing the sheets with them.

Once again, when you need to change the sheets, you don’t have to worry about if you have any of theirs washed. Whichever queen size sheet is going to work so you can often have a lot more of them if you also have a queen size bed for yourself.


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