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You’ve probably read dozens of articles about redecorating your house, from wall colors to new sofas, but they always overlook the little things. The smaller details are what bring your design together and make your house stand out from the crowd. So, let’s take a look at some small ideas which can make a big difference.



Candles are a great way to give your living room a homely vibe, relax you in the bath, or eliminate the cooking smells from the kitchen. You can get candles from anywhere, but what will make a difference is what you show them in. There are candle holders to suit all styles and aesthetics, try out some Tiffany candle holders for a great range and find the set that fits your decor. Go for matching pairs to flow through the room, or a statement piece for a large candle, there are so many options!


Coasters might seem like a throwaway item, but they’re on your tables, sides, and surfaces all day, every day. Offer your friend a drink and they’ll immediately be looking at the coasters, so make them pop! Look for some unique coasters which reflect your personality and interests. They’re the perfect, inexpensive, and functional way to make your place more interesting.


home artwork

After you’ve picked out your perfect color scheme and painted the whole house, you need some artwork to provide pops of energy and fun. Whether it’s a print from your favorite artist, a copy of a classic, or a comic book poster, the art world is full of awesome home improvement ideas!

Think about your color schemes and the atmosphere you want to create. Go for some retro posters for your TV room, some homely designs for your kitchen, even some custom prints to frame precious memories.


Declutter your space and keep it stylish with home organizers! If you have a sideboard by the front door, get yourself a key holder to avoid the temptation of throwing your keys on the side. Get a set of organizing drawers or baskets to hold mail, the contents of your pockets, pens, and anything else you might bring in. If you get yourself these solutions, you’ll definitely start to use them, and suddenly you’ll have a mess-free home!


A designer won’t often think about the smell in your home, that’s down to you to pick the scents that you’d like to live with every day. A good smell is welcoming, calming, and very uplifting, so don’t ignore this one.

You could pick from reed diffusers, wax melters, essential oils, or incense. All of these options will scent your home beautifully, so it’s more about which one suits you. Wax melters and essential oil burners involve open flame, so you’d need to keep an eye on them. Reed diffusers are easy and can be left out all day, every day. Whichever one you pick, you’re sure to notice the difference in your home, and in your mood.


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