Makeup During Winter season can feel really cuddly and romantic, especially if you are somewhere where it snows. But you know what else this weather has in store for you? Cracked and peeled skin, severe dryness, patches, and blotchiness! Every woman, no matter how much she loves this season, hates the fact that she has to switch up her makeup routine. Playing around with different types of moisturizers, foundations and lipsticks is a definite must, but this time make it a fun and pleasant experience! Enjoy your new makeup application on a budget, and get it done faster than before. If you want to apply your foundation the right way and avoid all the possible cakiness, there are some tips & tricks that you need to obey. What you ask? Continue reading and find your solution later below.

Ultimate 10 Makeup Rules That You Need To Obey During Winter

1. Moisturizer

You always start off your daily routine with your favorite moisturizer, right? Moisturizers help with dry textures and are the ultimate choice for dewiness and overall glow. Take your favorite product and apply a generous amount on your face. However, this time apply it moments before you are about to take a shower. The little trick lies between your pores and the hot steam! The steam that is in the shower will push the product even further into your skin, which means more hydration, and a better outcome. After you are done with your shower follow along with another cream (but make sure this one is a lot thicker) and place it around your T zone, such as the nose, forehead, and chin area. This will help out with the longevity of your makeup.

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2. Primer Time

Change your primer and go for a hydrating and silky texture. Stay away from matte foundations and primers, and never use heavy matte products during this time of the year.
Embrace the slight shimmer and the subtle glow which is in your primer and enjoy the shiny effect. All of this might seem like a lot of products to put on top of your skin, especially if you’ve applied 2 different kinds of moisturizers before, but your skin will love it due to cold temperatures and heavy wind exposure. Also, you will notice a drastic improvement in the longevity of your makeup once you have on the right base.

Primer Time

3. Creams, Not Powders

Cream foundations are a lot better choice than stick or matte foundations. These tend to hold the moisture a bit better, unlike other high-coverage options. Although satin and dewy finishes are a bit less coverage, that might be something that you will have to sacrifice during the winter season. In the end, it is way more important to have a flawless and seamless semi-coverage base, than a full face of cracked and dry powdered complexion, right? You can also stick to CC creams and light coverage concealers, based on your preference.

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4. Blush, Bronzers & Highlighters

When it comes to these face ‘accessories’, it is really crucial for them to be liquid as well. Many celebrity artists recommend using liquid blushes, bronzers, as well as highlights, for the ultimate natural yet beautiful solution. All three of these products do come in a liquid form, and they can be applied with beauty blenders, brushes, and even with your fingers! If you are someone who likes to touch up their makeup throughout the day you will easily build up or tone down the coverage with any of these products.

Application wise, always make sure you apply all of your base products with gentle and seamless tapping motions. It is really important not to rub your face throughout the day since you will move or shift your foundation.

Many makeup artists recommend using dampened blenders since these will work the best with dewy foundations, dry skin types, and especially during the winter.

5. Sprays & Mists

Since this article is all about being hydrated, how about we also throw on a setting spray to wrap it all up? Any facial mist will do its job in terms of achieving hydration and moisture, but only some specific kinds of makeup setters will ‘set’ and hold your makeup throughout the entire day. Go for some high-end makeup sprays if you really need longevity, or if you are going for an extreme powdered look. Luckily, you can bring this spray with you wherever you go and reach for it throughout the day to improve your complexion.

6. A Bit Of Powder

If your skin is quite oily on its own and you are not that into all of these hydrating and illuminating products then sure, you can use a little bit of powder over your face. However, don’t bake the powder, and instead, apply it in thin layers by gradually building it up. Most ladies prefer translucent powders, but you can use any kind as long as you gently tap it around your oiliest parts (such as the forehead and nose area, for most women at least). Use a large round brush and press the product deep into your pores until it doesn’t set.

7. The Right Shadow

This time of the year is all about playing with colors. Women love to dig for their glitters, and we encourage you to do the same! Although they are not the easiest makeup item that you can apply on your face, they are still wearable all throughout the day. Make sure you place a lot of matte shadows (possibly nude, brown or gray tones), and then follow up with glitter shadows on your eyelid and inner corner. Consistency wise, the best solutions are true matte formulas and foiled shadows over the lid. When applying your shadows have at least 3-4 different brushes with you since this way you will apply the shadows a lot faster, more precise, and the outcome will be a lot cleaner.

8. Ideal Lashes

Now, in terms of longevity, mascara could be your best option. However, in terms of glamour, maybe not. If you are not blessed with long, luscious and flirty lashes and you don’t like their volume level there are several solutions that you can turn to, such as:

a) Lash boosting serums – They are great, but sometimes it might take several weeks for them to work and to make a significant difference.

b) Strip lashes – although they come in various different shapes, sizes and styles, they are not recommended for the winter. If you end up getting even the slightest amount of water or snow on the lash bend they might glue off. The glue itself is not the best choice when it comes to longevity since it can’t hold your lash for 8+ hours, especially in cold temperatures.

c) Permanent lash extensions – Ideal choice if you need a quick and easy fix. Lash extensions can last you anywhere from 3-4 weeks, and they are very sturdy. Once the lash expert glues them individually one by one on top of your natural lashes, you will end up with the most natural yet feminine lash there is. Not only that, but every lash is customized per your eye shape and your own personal preference. This means that you will look like a diva all throughout the Christmas period, and the new years eve! Finally say goodbye to your lash curlers, strip lashes, lash-boosting serums, and mascaras since lash extensions will fix up your every eye look.

Ideal Lashes

9. Eyebrows

Simple and groomed brows are the way to go! Define your eyebrows by filling them in with some brow powder throughout the middle portion of the brow. No need for pomades or pencils since these makeup items can be a bit hard to work with, and they also might smudge a bit faster if they end up being exposed to low heat and poor weather, as well as wind. Now, in order to make them stick and stay, you should coat your brow hairs with a brow gel. You can purchase either clear or tinted kind and comb the brows through with this makeup item 2-3 times. They won’t move or melt off, and will last you the entire day, despite your activities!

10. Lips


Finish up your look by moisturizing your lips with the right chapstick. Women of all ages should always have a lip balm with them, no matter the current season. In fact, our lips can crack and dry out during the Summer due to high heat and exposure to the UV rays, which is why it is essential to keep them glowy and protected, no matter when or where. Seal the deal with the right moisture for your lips and only then proceed with your lip choice. We recommend going for the satin finish or even matte lipsticks, but just make sure you avoid any liquid lipsticks since these will look awful if your lips are already dry or cracked. Color-wise, you can enjoy a good nude, or you can step out of your comfort zone and embrace a good and bold blue-toned red! The choice is entirely up to you.

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