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Moving is always a stressful affair, but moving to a whole new city, especially one as diverse and fast-paced as New York, is particularly intimidating. It can be an absolute nightmare if you are unprepared, But if you follow the advice below, you can have an incredibly fun and memorable experience (for all the right reasons).

There is Safety (& Savings) in Numbers

First of all, you should know that renting an apartment in New York city is very expensive. NYC can also be a very lonely place if you are new to the city. This is one of the reasons why coliving spaces are so popular, especially in big cosmopolitan cities such as New York. Shared spaces allow you to cut back on living costs while making new friends, while providing the safety and convenience of seeing to many of your day-to-day needs.

Most coliving spaces are fully furnished, with private bathrooms in many cases, and include fully-stocked kitchen facilities and amenities. Not to be confused with hotels, coliving spaces are focused on the social element, building tight-knit mutually-beneficial communities among their residents. This makes getting to know your city a lot easier -and there is a so much to see- as wandering around on your own in unfamiliar territory is not recommended. Often, coliving houses arrange events and activities for the residents to encourage them to bond, which is why you’ll find that most coliving spots are located in proximity to shopping and entertainment districts.

Be Ready To Cough Up, & Constantly

Did we mention that NYC is expensive? In order to fully enjoy the New York City experience, you need a decent amount of spending money left over after living expenses, so that you can afford to socialize and go on adventures. Coliving allows you the flexibility to sign a short-term lease (although longer leases tend to cost less), with everything you need included, so you are never stuck with unexpected expenses, or having you gas turned off due to unpaid utilities bills (from a party budget that got a little out of hand one month).

Included in your rent is Wi-fi and laundry services, which you should know can get ridiculously pricey in New York (like everything else, which is why it’s so wise to save in any way that you can).

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Explore Everything New York City has to Offer

Whether you are a travellers stopping by in NYC temporarily, or you are moving your entire life over, coliving gives you the chance to start afresh and find your feet, with a network of support behind you, giving you the freedom to soak up the whole experience without having to sacrifice comfort, safety, and convenience. Bear in mind that much of your daily time is spent commuting via cabs or on the subway, so make sure you have a page-turning book with you and that all your devices are fully charged and preloaded with entertainment (there’s no Wifi down there).

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This guest article is a contribution made by Outpost Club, a company which offers communal living spaces in New York city. Rent co-living in a house with modern furniture, great co-working spaces, fully equipped kitchens and everything you need for comfort living with like-minded people in NY.


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