Moving Tips and Tricks

When it’s time to get started with packing up the belongings, and moving everything, it’s not a simple task at all. However, we have put together twenty amazing moving tips and tricks that anyone can follow to make the process much easier. Here are those moving tips and tricks that will knock the labor out of moving.

1. Get Moving Boxes for Free

Moving Boxes

It is simply a waste of money for someone to purchase a mountain of cardboard when it is widely available for free at certain locations. Try going to recycling places and see if they’re giving out free moving boxes. Most people that go to these locations find lots of used boxes that are in perfect condition to be used again for moving. If they don’t for some reason, try looking online, like on social media websites or forum websites to see if anyone is giving out free boxes. Other than that, check the back of any department stores or liquor stores. Office stores and post offices are perfect places to go to as well. If there aren’t any boxes, ask the clerk or any of the employees. They will probably have some in the back of the office.

2. Recycle Old Containers and Boxes

You should also consider using the boxes that are already in the home. Even cereal boxes and snack boxes can be used to box small things like jewelry, washcloths, and bar soaps or travel items. If there are huge old boxes from a television to a blender, these can be used as well, even if they’re a little damaged. If they have minimal damage just take extra time to seal them up with heavy duty tape. Doing this will ensure that your money is being saved.

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3. Donate Unwanted Items for Free

Moving Tips

Are there lots of old and heavy pieces of furniture that would not fit in the new place? Try giving a call to Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity to come pick the furniture up for free. The Salvation Army also participates in this service. The unwanted items can be sold or donated to others in need. This will require less labor and free up more time to focus on things of a higher priority.

4. Purchase a Portable Storage Container

This is another super convenient way to make the move easier and quicker than normal. If there is a need for things to be moved into a large area that isn’t big enough to fit in the car, it makes sense to consider getting a Cool Box Portable Storage container. It can be set out in front of the property and picked up and moved whenever it is time to do so.

5. Stay Very Hydrated and Fed

One of the worst things anyone can do when moving is by doing so while they’re hungry and thirsty. This isn’t just something that will be annoying while moving, but is also something that can be very dangerous, especially if heavy things are being moved. Even though this is most dangerous in summer, it is still not okay to move without being hydrated in any weather.

6. Keep Records of the Condition of All Belongings

Moving Tips

Before the move, it is a good idea to take pictures and videos of all of the possessions before the movers handle them. If they break something or damage anything in the slightest, proof will be needed if insurance gets involved.

7. Move at a Convenient Time

One thing to do is make sure that the move is planned earlier or ahead of time so that there’s no rushing. The second thing is to make sure that if movers are hired, they’re scheduled on a day that other people are least likely to schedule it. Everyone loves doing things on weekends because most people work during the week. Therefore, schedule the move on a Tuesday morning in the middle of August versus a Saturday afternoon right around the holidays.

8. Track the Moving Company’s Truck

Moving Truck

If there’s enough money to purchase a used iPad or a used iPhone, purchase one and place it inside one of the boxes that they put inside of the truck. Make sure that it is fully charged and that the ringer and screen are turned off. Once that is done, enable the device so that it can be tracked using the “Find My iPhone” tool to keep track of where the belongings are.

9. Thoroughly Label Everything

It is one thing to slap a label on boxes to keep everything organized. However, there still might be trouble with finding things even if that is done. To take it a step further, try to put some type of colorful labels on the boxes and color code them by which room they go in or what is being sold or kept. A label maker isn’t required either. Just cut up some regular printer papers or notebook papers, color them with crayons, and write the word on with a permanent marker.

10. Pack the Dishes with Foam

When the dishes and glass items are packed in plastic wrap or heavy duty cushioning material, it can take a lot of time, tape, and packaging to get that all sorted out. What everyone should do instead is purchase some foam slips to use in place of the plastic wrap or bubble wrap.

11. Bring Something for the Door

Most people always struggle with doors when they move because they forget to bring something like a door stopper to hold it open so it is out of the way. This happens to so many people countless times, making the situation very tedious. Consider purchasing one or bringing something that is both small and heavy enough, like a brick, to keep the door open. Most of the time, it is hard to find a brick around the neighborhood. So, it’s best to go ahead and get a door stopper as they’re not that expensive anyway.

12. Put Big Things in Small Boxes

It makes sense to try to put large items in large boxes. However, this creates chances for the item to exert too much pressure and break the box. Take a few extra seconds to do a tiny bit of measuring to see if there is a box available to fit that item exactly.

13. Hire a Professional Moving Company for Assistance

The places mentioned in tip #3 will pick the items up and take it back to their store, but they will not move it to the new home. If that is needed, try calling a few professionals and get quotes from them so they can move it. When looking for movers, don’t be so quick to just go with the first one that comes up in the search results. Make sure that they are legitimate, professional, and licensed. Also check to see if they are insured.

14. Save the Boxes Even After the Move

Even after the move, it would be wise to save the boxes to make sure that there are enough for the next move. To save space, they can be flattened or folded down so there isn’t a mountain of cardboard hogging up space in the home.

15. Write Off the Donation

If some of the items were donated to the Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill, the receipts can be saved and used during the tax season as a deduction.

16. Make Sure the Moving Truck Can Park

It is definitely important to make sure that the movers have somewhere to park when they get to the house. If not, they will probably waste a lot of time looking for space, and that will result in the move costing even more in the end.

17. Sandwich Fragile Items Between Pillows

One cool hack is to take fragile items like mirrors and put them in between pillows or blankets for extra support. It is also worthy to try tying it all together with some type of rope or cord so that the fragile item inside doesn’t slip out.

18. Prepare to Tip Movers

It is necessary to show some type of gratitude to the movers. They put in a lot of labor and work to get everything from one place to the other, and it takes a lot of care to ensure that everything gets there in one piece, damage free. With that being said, if the movers are to be tipped, get the cash from the ATM ahead of time so it can be done quickly.

19. Do Multiple Walk-Throughs and Checks

It is quite common to accidentally leave something in the cabinet or drawers or anything. And it would be a nightmare to accidentally leave something important in one of these areas. Check every enclosed area multiple times before leaving the home to make sure that absolutely nothing is being left behind.

20. Pack an Extra Box for Essentials

It would be good to have everything needed on a daily basis packed in one special box so that there’s no need to go digging through multiple boxes to find multiple things. Things like tissue paper, wash rags, hygiene supplies, a couple of cooking supplies, and other things might be needed on a daily basis while things are getting set up. Have these separate so they can be accessed easily.


Take these moving tips into consideration when making the next big move. It will feel good knowing that the mind is organized before everything else. Doing this ensures that you’re not too stressed before or after the move.


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