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Office design isn’t just about decorating the workspace. By intentionally designing the office to meet employee’s needs and make the atmosphere more inviting, employers will find that they can transform a stereotypical office space to one that is dynamic and inspiring. The following 10 ideas will improve the design in any workplace.

1. Open Floor Plans

Office Design IdeasOpen floor plans are one of the most popular design ideas of 2019. By eliminating walls and embracing this modernized office design, companies everywhere are encouraging more collaboration with this layout. When embracing the open floor plan, employees have better access to their co-workers and the office space itself.

2. Strategic Use of Color

Use of Color

Color has important psychological benefits when used properly in the workplace. The effective use of color can make employees feel more empowered, ultimately resulting in increased productivity. For example, psychologists point out that bringing in splashes of color in the workplace will help to stimulate brain function. For this reason, employers should consider bringing in brighter statement furniture.

As colors like blue and yellow are known for their respective calming and stimulating effects, they are excellent choices for the office. Whether the color is integrated into the office with freshly painted walls or it’s found in accents around the office, breaking out of the boring white wall and muted tones stereotype of most offices will have a noticeable effect.

3. Innovative Entryways

Innovative Entryways

While employers rarely consider door design when assessing their office space, the type of entryways that are used can have an impact on the workplace. For today’s modern offices, innovative entryways are more important than ever. Whether offices install the likes of commercial aluminum glass entry doors or authentic rustic sliding barn doors, choosing the right solution not only affects accessibility but also can transform how productive employees are. The best door solutions will seamlessly fit in with the look of the office while making employers feel comfortable within the space.

4. Touches of Home

While there should be a separation between work and home, it doesn’t hurt for employers to bring in a few touches of home to the workplace. These pieces change the office space from a cold and uninviting space to one that feels as comforting as a second home. Bring in these touches of the home by swapping out plastic and uncomfortable seating for cushy and pillowy seats and even amenities like fully-functional kitchens. The more employees feel as though they are at home, the sooner they’ll feel as if they are part of the work-family.

5. Multipurpose Breakout Spaces

Office Design

Breakout spaces are more important than ever in the workplace. Giving employees a chance to take a break while on the job can be the defining factor between them reaching their maximum levels of productivity or feeling burnt out and overworked. By adding creative breakout spaces to an office’s layout, employers will be able to make sure employees have a place they can recharge and get back to work with a renewed sense of energy.

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6. Modern Furniture Integrations

Office Design

It’s important for employers to bring in modern furniture integrations that will make working more efficient than ever. These tech-savvy furniture choices transform these workspaces into modernized offices that put technology first. These types of furniture integrations include tables with built-in outlets or workstations that are cable-free. Without all the hassle of messy cords and a lack of USB ports or outlets, it’ll be easier than ever for employees to get to work as soon as they sit down.

7. Natural Elements

Natural elements are another contemporary addition that many offices are including in their design choices. Bringing in more biophilic design helps to shift the workspace from the standard four white walls to a more natural and greener environment that allows workers to take in the beauty of plants and flowers. Additionally, making it a point to bring in these natural elements will help to purify the air indoors, which has been proven to lower stress.

8. Way-Finding Decor

Way-Finding Decor

The most effective office design works to give employees a more fulfilling working experience. By including way-finding decor, employers are able to transform the typically unfriendly blank corridors of the office into easy-to-navigate spaces that are both dynamic and stimulating. These way-finding decor choices can be anything from bright colored exterior pipes to innovative signs that point workers in the right direction.

9. Window Views

Window Views

Window views are another important consideration when working to update an office’s design. By maximizing access to the outdoor world, offices are able to bring in more natural light and open up the office space overall. Whether offices opt for floor to ceiling windows or reconsider the layout to make more windows throughout the space, by bringing in more natural views, employees will have increased access to the outdoors and natural lighting, which will ultimately make for more engaged employees.

Can’t add any more windows to the office? Take advantage of the health-boosting benefits of natural sunlight by investing in light therapy lamps. These lamps offer the same mood-boosting effects of natural light and are incredibly effective when used in offices that have minimal access to sunlight.

10. Fitness Spaces

 Fitness Spaces

More and more employers are hopping on the fitness trend and installing gyms in the office. By bringing in gyms, employers are able to invest in their workers’ health and overall well-being. As regular fitness improves one’s mental and physical health, offering employers a place at work to engage in fitness will work to promote a healthier environment overall. With the opportunity to work out before, during, or after work, employees will feel healthier and more engaged at work.

Each workplace is defined by the unique design of the office space and decor choices. With more intentional design and layout, employers will be able to create a more stimulating environment that encourages improved productivity overall.

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