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If you’re in the market for office space, you’ve probably thought about what you need from a new location. Whether your top priority is the address, dimensions, infrastructure, or yearly expenses, it’s important to have clear goals.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of commercial real estate in a big city like Sydney. In fact, you’ll find office space for Rent of all kinds, from coworking communities to virtual hubs, luxury suites, and more. The first step, then, is deciding exactly how much office space you need.

This article explores the key features of office space in Australia. You should consider these things when making your choice.

Guide to Find Office Space for Rent


With office space for rent by Servcorp, you can access the finest locations in Sydney at the most affordable prices. The provider is just one example of the super flexible leasing arrangements currently taking over the country. They are scalable, agile, and perfect for young companies and start-ups.

Serviced and virtual vendors make top spots accessible by rolling all the logistical expenses into a single monthly fee. For instance, when you go service, you get a workspace in a prestigious neighborhood, with heating, lighting, air conditioning, cleaning, and more included.

Annual Expenses

This leads us nicely onto the cost of your new office. Obviously, you want a lease that is highly affordable and unlikely to increase, at least for the first two years. The best way to secure this is to opt for an alternative option like a virtual or serviced space.

Fees are steady and predictable. They include a whole host of perks and extras, such as superfast broadband, coworking areas, canteens, conference rooms, and more. When you choose a flexible vendor, you get to cherry-pick the features you want and get rid of the rest.

Physical Dimensions

As a general rule, businesses need approximately 70sq feet per employee. Although, if this makes the prospect of a lease too expensive, you could always try virtual routines. These offices do not limit your growth or workforce, as they are not grounded in physical space.

Instead, the vendor operates one central facility and tenants ‘ check in’ via their internet connection. This is how they get updates on phone calls, letters, voicemails, and more. Essentially, they just run the business as if they were present in a literal workspace.

Good Infrastructure

Even small companies need a reliable internet connection, with no outages or slow patches, if they want to stay in touch with customers. The same goes for your telephone line. You can’t afford to lose out on opportunities because of a crackly connection.

So, look for a provider that can guarantee you a certain level of service, ideally in writing. The best office facilities have an efficient mail handling system as well. Onsite staff sign for packages, sort letters, and keep items safe. This should be included in the monthly fee.

Interior Design

The popularity of fully furnished spaces is on the rise. Having the ability to just move right into an office is very valuable. Not only does it make relocations faster, but they’re also cheaper too. It costs a lot of money to set up the heating, lighting, cleaning, and other key utilities.

Then, you have to pay for the furniture. Depending on the state of the office, you may need to redecorate. At least with a furnished office space, like a coworking space, you know everything will be workable from day one. There is minimal downtime, and fewer lost opportunities.

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The Beauty of Alternative Leasing Options in Sydney

You’ll be pleased to hear that Sydney and the other big Australian cities are at the forefront of a leasing revolution. As a nation of small businesses, the country is opening its doors to progressive office spaces. The virtual office is a great example of this.

You don’t even have to leave your house to take advantage of a fully-equipped workspace. It’s as easy as signing up as a virtual tenant and logging in from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s cheap, highly mobile, and great for those who want to keep their options free and open.

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  1. The things you mentioned about looking for good infrastructure are very interesting. I considered that checking the infrastructure can be a factor related to a reliable internet connection. I will definitely keep that in mind in case I push through with my plan in the future to start a business once I saved up enough from my current job.


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