Yes, it happened on Friday morning when a truce took hold with the exceptional efforts of Egypt between Hamas and Isreal. People in Gaza came out in the streets to celebrate the ceasefire after a horrible fight of forces for 11 long days. The tension on the Gaza strip has now ended.

The aftermath of the fight is the loss of 232 precious lives that includes 65 children. Israeli aerial bombardment destroyed thousands of houses and residential towers in Gaza. On the other side, there was 12 death including 2 children in Israel.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said that this truce will lead to an opportunity for progress for both regions.

The Israeli forces claim of killing hundreds of fighters in Hamas, destroying numerous tunnels used by Hamas forces, weapon production points, and homes of high-ranking army officials of Hamas.

According to the local news channels, people are now returning to their damaged houses who took shelter in school buildings and other places to save their lives from Israeli aerial bombardment. It is also mentioned that hundreds of houses have been completely destroyed and rebuilding new houses and towers is impossible during these tough times.

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  1. As expected, after 12-hours of the so-called ceasefire, they’re back with the aggression against Palestine. Never trust their words

  2. Any war comes to an end with a cease-fire and the start of peace talks. When the war finally ends, no one will be held accountable for the bombing, damaging property, or, most significantly, the loss of lives.


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