Whether it’s putting on a sweet Perfume when you’re out on a date or spraying a sophisticated fragrance when you have that important meeting at the office work. It’s not just an unscented lotion that you can use, vaseline can help lock in scents as well.

However, just putting on some perfume and hoping it will last the whole day just isn’t enough. There are several things you could be doing wrong or you had no idea about up until you stumbled across this article.

And just as the title says, this article will provide you 8 perfume hacks that will make you smell amazing all day, every day. Not only will it keep you smelling amazing all day, but according to Faveable, it will also save you a ton of money as well.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

1. Moisturize

Making sure your skin is moisturized before applying perfume. It’s the key to locking in your favorite scent on to your body. Oily or damp skin can retain your perfume’s smell all day if put on the right spot.

However, you have to keep in mind that you need an unscented lotion to make this hack work. It’s not just an unscented lotion that you can use, vaseline can help lock in scents as well.

Nonetheless, if you use a scented lotion and put your perfume on the scent will mix up and change into something different. Although it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, it beats the purpose of retaining your own perfume’s smell.

You could try and experiment and see if you like the mixed up scent or not or you could buy an unscented lotion and lock in your perfume all day.

2. Spraying Locations

There are pulse points in your body where spraying a fragrance can make it last longer and smell even more intense. Pulse points or pressure points are known to naturally radiate heat which helps the scent to evaporate from your skin.

These points are located on your wrists, elbows, chest, neck, on the back of your knees, ankles, and finally on your calves. Spraying your perfume on these locations on your body will make your favorite scent last for long periods and also make it smell more pronounced.

So, instead of spraying just anywhere on your body and thinking you’re good to go, try spraying on these specific locations and see for yourself (or smell for yourself). The difference will definitely surprise you!

3. Light and Heavy Scents

Light scented perfumes like jasmine or citrus will dry out faster than heavy scented perfumes like musk or wood. They have a smaller molecular structure than the heavy ones.

Even the concentration of the perfume’s oil is important here as well. The higher the amount of essential oil perfume has, the higher it will last long for.

These heavily concentrated perfumes are a bit on the expensive side. They can contain 15-20% of essential oils which can make the perfume last for almost 6-8 hours. These are usually the ones that are labeled as ‘Eau de parfum’.

However, a perfume labeled as ‘Eau de toilettes’ and most colognes contains roughly 5% of essential oils in them. These perfumes last for about 3-6 hours.

Investing in one expensive perfume that will last longer is a much better choice than buying perfumes that don’t last long every few weeks.

4. After Shower and Hairbrush Hacks

Applying perfume after you get out of the shower will lock in the scent and make it last for longer periods of time. This is possible because your body is still damp and the moisture helps to lock it in.

Some perfumes can stain your clothes with spray marks and they are the toughest to wash away. So, spraying yourself after you get out of the shower saves you from ruining your clothes.

Many of us also like to spray our perfumes on to our hair (guilty!). However, it only makes things worse. This little stunt can damage your hair and make it dry out faster.

What you can do is spray some on your hairbrush and then brush your hair with it. You won’t be damaging your hair, instead, the scent will spread out through your hair and lock it.

5. DIY Signature Moisturizer

Everyone wishes to have their own lotion or moisturizer to smell like their favorite perfume. Well, thanks to unscented lotions your wish will come true because that is now possible.

So, grab your most favorite perfume, put a few drops of it into the unscented lotion bottle and remember to shake well before use.

Not only are you saving money from buying expensive smelling moisturizers, but you’ve also created a lotion that retains your favorite scent in it. You can spray your perfume on after you’ve put your signature lotion on for that long-lasting effect.

It’s super easy to make and it will save you a lot of money as well. This is probably the best hack in this whole article!

6. Make Your Clothes Smell Amazing

This is also another one of those hacks that are super easy to do. If you want your clothes to have your signature perfume’s smell on it, then this hack is perfect for you.

Grab some tissue paper and spray your perfume on it. Next, line your drawer with the tissue paper and put your clothes in it. Congratulations! Your clothes now have your favorite signature smell on it.

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You’re saving yourself from staining your clothes with perfume stains and the best part? Your favorite scent will become your signature scent from now on.

7. The Rubbing Your Wrist Myth

If you rub your wrists after putting perfume on them, just stop. This is a myth we’ve been watching people do for a long, long time. The rubbing of your wrist does nothing to enhance your fragrance in any way at all.

If anything, it forces the top notes in your perfume to break down. This causes the smell to fade away faster. Yes, it’s true, it is going to take a while to get used to not rub your wrists after you put some perfume on.

However, the next time you’ve put some perfume on your wrists, refrain yourself from dabbing them together and just let it be. The scent will last longer and stay more intact than it did before.

8. Storage Is Important

Lastly, let’s talk about storage. Whenever you buy a new perfume, you’ll notice a particular label that says to store it in a cool place. There’s a good reason for putting that on the box.

Many people store their perfumes in direct sunlight or in their bathrooms. Perfumes that are kept in warm or damp places loses it’s quality quickly. The heat damages the molecular structure.

So, when you read the label, don’t just read it. Keep them in a cool dark place and you’ll end up saving yourself from having to buy a new perfume in just a manner of weeks.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope our perfume hacks help you to smell great and be at your best all the time. If you try even one of the hacks you’ll have people complimenting you for smelling great all the time.

Lastly, share these hacks with your friends and family and let them in on the knowledge that has been passed down to you today from this article and let us know in the comments!

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  1. I have been wasting heaps of money on expensive perfumes but could not just retain their smell for long. These perfumes hacks will definitely prolong the smell of perfumes that i wear everyday.

  2. Just took a look at this article before leaving office and trust me, I am gonna text one these hacks today to see if any perfume hack works in real.


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