Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

It has been seen that over the past years, the institutions are showing their interest in the world of cryptocurrency. There are some large holdings within the hands of large organizations in the form of cryptocurrency in the market. This has changed the entire scenario for the field of cryptocurrency within the present market. There are several assets under the management of millions in the very end. There are certain ways in which hedge fund managers have been able to make their chess moves in this field. It has been assumed that there are about 150 crypto hedge funds in the entire field. The majority of the funds have been very close to $21.9 million in total and this has been quite prosperous for the entire field. Cryptocurrency hedge funds are very popular and this trend is likely to continue. According to a recent survey, there are about 150 cryptocurrency hedge funds. Find out more about the most popular ones.

Pantera capital

  • Pantera Capital has been able to accumulate about $6.4 billion in the world of cryptocurrency as of now.
  • The spending quality of these funds has been decided with the help of institutional persons and investors.
  • The firm has been existing since 2013 and the values have been working for a long time. In comparison to other crypto hedge funds, the background of Pantera Capital is quite old.
  • The returns obtained from this firm have been beyond all kinds of patterns. If you have the money to invest, the place might be worth your time.

Polychain Capital

  • This is one of the largest hedge firm groups which have been interested in the world of cryptocurrency at the moment.
  • There is more than $1 billion in their crypto assets at the moment. Polychain is one of the places which invests carefully and specifically in the world of crypto and digital assets.
  • The most prominent cryptocurrencies can be found on this platform.
  • There are some great disruptive projects which are invested in by Polychain Capital. This has proven to be very valuable for the platform and the associated clients like

Digital Currency Group

  • Digital Currency Group or DGC is one of the most well-established places which have worked with more than 130 investments till now.
  • This platform has proven that the reach of cryptocurrency can be very large and there is no way in which the other digital assets will be able to compete with it.
  • More than $2.7 billion in assets have been stored by DGC till now. The trust in this platform has gained over 300% over the last few years. This has been great for the prospects of the company!
  • The client base of this organization is greater than most other hedge firms.
  • 84% of the investment in this field has been attained from the investors from the institutions.
  • The Bitcoin investment in this field has proven to be quite successful.
  • The cryptocurrency community has been very supportive of this platform as well because of the profits which have been gained in this particular field.

Coin Capital

  • Coin Capital has been on the side of the people who are not able to invest in very expensive areas.
  • The ideas of start-ups and single coin offerings have been quite easily associated with Coin Capital as well.
  • There are about 40 crypto tokens that can be used in the hedge firm without any kind of trouble.

Blockchain Capital

  • Blockchain Capital was devised early in the days of 2013 and there were three strong individuals behind this idea.
  • The concept of token investment was first introduced by Blockchain Capital.
  • Some other security tokens can be used in this particular field as well.
  • 80 companies had been in the inception and it was perceived that equity in crypto was gained through the efforts of Blockchain Capital.
  • Publicly invested crypto is one of the major specialties of Blockchain Capital in the present.


Different kinds of crypto tokens can be used quite regularly in the market. This has been utilized with the help of these hedge firms. They believe in the short time profits in comparison to the larger groups. There are longer and larger growths that are not focused upon by this kind of organization. Crypto is one of the best fields in which you can invest if you are interested in the short-term profits in the market. It is quite interesting and exciting to invest in. You can stay within the paying powers of the larger currencies as well. All of these have contributed to the popularity of the hedge fund capitals at the moment.


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