Propane Fireplace

Propane fireplaces can bring feelings of warmth and luxury to any house, no matter the size. Curling up near the fireplaces during a cold winter’s night is one of the most romanticised parts of life during the winter months. Fireplaces are one of the most requested home amenities homebuilders request when creating their dream homes. Propane fireplaces often have a strong, positive effect on increasing the overall selling price of a home. Here are the reasons why a propane fireplace adds value to a home.

Fireplace Demand

Fireplace Demand

Fireplaces don’t just add beauty and warmth to your home. They also add additional value to the overall selling price of the household in question. Fireplaces are one of the most sought after home amenities, with The National Association of Home builders reporting that fireplaces are a top three requested household amenity. With fireplaces being so popular it’s no wonder why The National Association of Realtors has reported that a fireplace increases the value of a home by nearly $12,000. This number can increase or decrease depending on the location of the property. Fireplaces are more valuable in areas that experience colder weather, such as the Northeastern part of the country.

Propane vs. Wood

As mentioned, fireplaces add great value to the overall value of your home. However, the type of fireplaces you install is just as important as installing the fireplace itself. Propane fireplaces and wooden fireplaces are the most popular models of fireplaces, with each having their own unique pros and cons.

Compared to wooden fireplaces, propane heat is much more efficient. You only burn as much fuel as necessary to maintain inside air temperature with a propane heater. This saves fuel and maintains a comfortable temperature for the living space, as opposed to a wooden furnace. Heat from wood is dry and can take humidity out of the air from your living space. Another benefit of propane fireplaces compared to wooden ones is that you don’t have to chop wood! Propane heat is easy and convenient to turn on, with the only maintenance needed to take care of it being the refuelling of the propane tank.

Propane fireplaces are also lightweight and compact compared to wooden ones, which can be heavy and bulky. Propane fireplaces can be installed in the narrowest of spaces, leading to better space management when designing a home. Overall, propane fireplaces are an excellent addition to any home. With many makes and models available to choose from fireplaces add beauty, warmth, and value to your home.


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