Reasons Technology is the Key to Personalized Customer Service - advantages and disadvantages of technology in customer service

The customer assistance department is a very integral part of a company. These employees essentially are responsible for maintaining your company’s connections with its customers, and a company’s survival may be jeopardized if its customers are dissatisfied.

Luckily, technology has become a very significant part of our everyday lives and thus businesses have also started incorporating this blessing in their day-to-day functions. This practice has greatly helped businesses to manage their activities efficiently and as a result, they are better able to cater to customer needs.

Moreover, businesses are discovering up-to-date ways to help their clients through online communicationsand other channels now that technology has advanced. They have started to provide their customers with one on one services; businesses have begun to adapt their responses to each consumer in a friendly and helpful manner. Furthermore, when your representatives give personalized attention to customers, customers are anticipated to become brand ambassadors who will go above and beyond to promote your business.
For example, Cox Servicio al Cliente 24 horas availability to Spanish customers around the clock. The employees make sure to listen to the issues of their customers attentively and devise solutions that increase their satisfaction. Due to this 24/7 support as well as individualized attention, Cox has attained a commendable position in the Customer Satisfaction Index.

Continue reading to explore how businesses are embracing technology to improve customer assistance, and why this method enhances the overall consumer experience.

1. Improve the Channels of Communication

Customers no longer have to call a customer service center between the hours of 9 to 5 to get help. At present, customers have the option to get in touch with a customer service representative whenever they want. They can easily chat with them through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and expect to receive a reply within minutes or even seconds. Moreover, the option of live chat present on the company’s website has made the process of communication easier.

Younger generations are more likely to contact a company via Facebook or other social media channels. Older individuals, on the other hand, prefer the comfort of speaking to a real person on the phone.

The point is, that if you want your customer care department to be effective, make sure your consumers have many ways to contact company employees so that their requirements can be fulfilled swiftly and efficiently. Having options is the only way to truly test what works, regardless of your audience. Allow your customer to initiate an inquiry using email, follow up on Facebook, and send you additional information via chat.

2. Solve issues and reply to customer queries

Technology can greatly assist in making the process of responding to customer issues very efficient. Social networking is a particularly effective tool to improve customer service. Facebook is not just designed for getting likes, and Twitter should be utilized for more than just gaining followers.

If someone has a query regarding a product or wants to talk about interaction, they are equally as likely, if not more so, to ask a question on the Facebook page of the company or Twitter. As a result, organizations that recognize this and dedicate a portion of their customer care personnel to reacting to social media posts, outperform others that don’t prioritize them.

3. Keep your Customers Well Informed

Keeping your customers well informed regarding what is happening with your company is an important part of generating a positive customer experience. Technology is a fantastic, quick way to accomplish this.

Consider tweeting a notification in case your phone lines are down or your website is momentarily inaccessible. Moreover, if you are planning to launch new products, it is always a good idea to upload a picture on social media pages to inform you about the changes.

4. Create an App that Simplifies Tasks

There’s an app for just about anything these days, from managing your finances to arranging a cab or placing an order for pizza. The majority of the firms are aware of what their customers require from them. Many companies have implemented this into mobile phone apps that consumers can make use of.

To create an app, firstly test it properly to verify that it meets your client’s needs. After this, ask about the preferences of the users. Finally, make sure that the app onboarding experience is as pain-free as possible.

Final Words

Including technology in your customer service department benefits both your company and your customers. Thus, more businesses are turning to technology to provide effective and economical customer assistance.

You should utilize it to improve your modes of communication, respond well to customer queries, keep your customers well-informed, and use an app to communicate with customers dynamically.


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