Easy Steps To Redecorate Your Garden With Statues And Fountains - how to make a garden sculpture out of household items

If you’re looking for a way to add some beauty and charm to your garden, then consider adding statues and fountains. Not only do these pieces of artwork add visual interest to the landscape, but they can also increase the value of your home.

With a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your outdoor space into an oasis with beautiful sculptures and stunning water features – from finding the right kind of statue or fountain that fits in with your landscaping style to installing it correctly so that it lasts for years to come – here are seven easy steps to redecorate your garden with statues and fountains.

The Style of Your Garden

Before you start shopping for statues and fountains, it’s important to consider the style of your garden. Do you want a modern look? Something more traditional? Or are you looking for something whimsical or exotic?

If you have a more traditional garden, then you may want to look for a statuary inspired by classical Greek and Roman architecture. On the other hand, if your landscaping style is more modern or eclectic, then you could opt for abstract sculptures or charming mythical garden statues, or even something with a hint of whimsy like a fantasy-inspired fountain. There is no right or wrong answer here – it all comes down to personal style.

But, by determining the overall design aesthetic of your garden, you can find pieces that work with your existing landscape and create a unified look.

Finding the Right Piece

Once you’ve determined the style of your garden and have chosen a few pieces that you like, it’s time to start looking for the perfect statues and fountains for your outdoor space. Start by taking measurements of the area where you plan to place the piece – this will help you determine the size, shape, and proportion of the statue or fountain that will best fit in with your landscaping.

For instance, if you have a small area, then you may want to look for something with a low profile that won’t take up too much room. Or, if you have a larger space, then you could choose an oversized piece that will make a dramatic statement.

Searching for Materials

Now that you know the size and shape of the statues and fountains that you’d like to add to your garden, it’s time to start searching for materials. The material that you choose will largely depend on your budget, as well as the type of look you are going for.

Concrete is a popular choice–it is durable and can be molded into whatever shape you’d like. However, if you are looking for something more luxurious, then you may want to look for pieces made from bronze or stone.

If you are looking for something more affordable and low-maintenance, then you may want to consider plastic or resin statues and fountains. These are lightweight and easy to move around as needed, plus they won’t require any special care or maintenance.

Where to Look

Now that you know what kind of pieces and materials you are looking for, it’s time to start shopping. You can find statues and fountains at home improvement stores as well as specialty retailers, but if you’re shopping on a budget then consider browsing second-hand stores or online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Here, you may be able to find pieces that are much lower in cost than if you were to buy them new.

However, if you want a customized piece, then you’ll likely need to visit a local sculpture or fountain store and order something that meets your specific requirements. Online retailers can also be a great resource for custom pieces—just make sure to read the reviews and check out their customer service policies before making a purchase.

Installing Your Piece(s)

Once you’ve found the perfect statues and fountains for your garden, it’s time to install them. Whether you choose to do this yourself or hire a professional, make sure that the pieces are properly secured so that they don’t topple over in bad weather. If the piece is particularly heavy or difficult to maneuver, then it’s probably best to hire a professional.

Furthermore, if your statues and fountains require any kind of electrical connections or plumbing work, then it’s best to hire a professional as well. This will ensure that the job is done correctly and safely—plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it was installed properly.

Finishing Touches

The last step in redecorating your garden with statues and fountains is adding the finishing touches. Consider adding lighting to illuminate the pieces at night, or adding plants around them for a natural look. You can also add benches or chairs near your statues and fountains so that you can enjoy them even more.

If you have a statue or a fountain as a focal point, then you may want to add a path or walkway leading up to it. This will create an inviting atmosphere and make your garden look even more aesthetic.

Finally, if you plan on using your statues and fountains as decorations for special occasions or holidays, then you’ll want to make sure that they are easy to move around. Consider investing in a set of wheels for larger pieces so that you can quickly rearrange them as needed.

Caring for Your Statues and Fountains

Your statues and fountains are properly cared for—this includes wiping down the pieces every so often with a damp cloth and applying sealant, especially for stone or bronze pieces.

It’s also important to check the levels in your fountain regularly, as they can get clogged up over time. If you notice any leaks or breaks in the pieces, then it’s best to consult a professional for help.

As for the statues, you’ll want to make sure that they are not exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Otherwise, they may fade and crack over time, so it’s best to keep them in a covered area such as a garage or shed.

Caring for Your Statues and Fountains

Redecorating your garden with statues and fountains can be a great way to add some beauty and charm to the outdoor space. With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to find the perfect pieces for your garden and install them properly so that they last for years to come. Remember to take care of these pieces by regularly wiping them down and checking levels in the fountain if necessary.

Finally, don’t forget about adding those finishing touches like lighting or plants around it—these will help bring the entire look together!


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