Portugal Golden Visa vs Other Investment Visa Programs - is portugal golden visa worth it

Most countries offer visas through investment, but Portugal’s Golden Visa program has been making headlines in the world of investment and immigration.

This visa offers low investment, fast processing times, visa-free travel benefits, and great real estate investment opportunities. Such a unique combination has caught the eye of many foreign investors looking for an attractive investment opportunity and a way to obtain residency in Europe.

But how does the Portugal Golden Visa program differ from other investment visa programs worldwide?

Let’s explore the advantages of this visa over other investment visa programs and why it stands out as a top choice among foreign investors.

Low Investment Requirement

The first and foremost advantage of the Portugal Golden Visa program is its low investment requirement. For example, you require a minimum investment of €350,000 to purchase a property or €280,000 to purchase a property in a low-density area or an urban regeneration area.

This amount is very low compared to the United States EB-5 Visa, which requires a minimum investment of $900,000 for a project located in a targeted employment area and $1.8 million for other areas.

Similarly, the UK Tier 1 investor visa requires a minimum investment of £2 million, and the Singapore global investor program requires a minimum investment of SGD 2.5 million.
The low investment requirement of Portugal’s golden visa program makes it more accessible to a wide range of foreign investors with low budgets.

Fast Processing Times

Portugal’s golden visa processing times are faster than other investment visa programs. Usually, the processing time happens to be 3 to 6 months.

This is much faster than other visa programs, such as the United States EB-5 Visa and the Australia investor visa, which take up to 2 years to process.

The faster processing time for Portugal visas is because of their simplified application process and the use of online systems, which makes the whole process more streamlined and efficient.

If you are looking for a speedy and efficient process to obtain residency in Europe, then the Portugal golden visa seems attractive.

Visa-free Travel Benefits

Portugal is a member of the European Union, meaning the golden visa holders can travel visa-free to most European countries and the Schengen area.

Holders of the United States EB-5 visa, Canada investor visa, and UK tier 1 investor visa do not have the same privilege.

This benefit especially attracts those who frequently travel for business or leisure and who value the flexibility and convenience of not having to apply for a visa each time they travel.

Tax benefitsThe Portugal golden visa program provides a non-habitual tax resident regime that allows foreign investors to benefit from significant tax exemptions for a period of 10.

The country offers a tax-friendly environment and a wide range of tax incentives for foreign investors, including no inheritance tax and a reduced income tax rate.

While on the other hand, the United States EB-5 visa requires investors to pay federal, state, and local taxes on their worldwide income. The UK tier 1 visa also has no specific tax benefits, and the Australia investor visa only offers a reduced tax rate for certain investments.

Lucrative Real Estate Opportunities

The amount required to acquire property in Portugal is much lower than in other countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the UK, where the minimum investment requirement for real estate is very high.

In Portugal, you can become the owner of a property with a minimum investment of €280,000 and enjoy rental income and capital appreciation. This makes Portugal’s golden visa program an exceptional opportunity for investors looking to invest in real estate.

Additionally, Portugal has a thriving real estate market and high rental yields. So if you want to invest in real estate in a developing country, you won’t be disappointed to invest in Portugal.

Best Education and Healthcare

When choosing investment visa programs, education and healthcare are two essential factors to consider. Fortunately, Portugal has some of the world’s best education and healthcare systems.

With world-class universities and research centers, Portugal’s education system ranks among the top in Europe. Also, Portugal’s public health care system provides free or low-cost medical services to all the residents, including the golden visa holders.


The Portugal golden visa program offers numerous advantages over other investment visa programs around the world. Not only does it offer some of the best quality education, healthcare, and lifestyle, but it also makes it affordable for most people.

Additionally, investment requirements for obtaining the golden visa for Portugal are low in comparison to other investment visa programs. Faster processing time, tax benefits, visa-free travel, etc, are its added benefits making it a popular choice for foreign investors.


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