About 40% of married couple encounter infidelity at some point in their relationship. This act of unfaithfulness has two faces, one physical and one emotional. Physical or sexual cheating is more likely to be committed by men, while emotional cheating are usually done by women. But both are wrong, and can result in devastating consequences that can turn your life upside down.

There are numerous reasons why a person cheats in a relationship. The number one reason is due to the lack of sexual satisfaction, followed by the desire to seek more attention, looking for a new experience; most likely a sign of mid-life crisis.

Cheating is a selfish act, and in no way a victimless action. It does not only harm you, but also your partner, your family and most devastatingly your children. If you are on the verge of committing one, maybe you need to read these repercussions before moving any further.

Dissolution of Marriage

This is the legal way of separation between two parties and often includes the separation of properties, assets, and debt and child custody. It is often messy and may require a good team of lawyers to help you out of the situation.

For many, divorce is the end game of their relationship. And the only thing that will make them see each other is when they spend time with their kids on an agreed time and condition. If we are to follow the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, it is considered the second most stressful event in a person’s life, one level down only to a death of spouse. It affects not only your financial standing, mental and physical health but also the outlook of your children towards their future.

Loss of Confidence

What is wrong with me? Am I ugly? Am I lacking? Are some of the most common questions people who are a victim of infidelity in a marriage or relationship ask themselves, internally. And in the long run, it can damage their confidence and feel a sense of worthlessness. Essentially giving themselves up and just letting themselves go.

The person who is a victim of a cheating partner are often the ones to blame themselves for the situation, questioning their worth. And much worse, the children also blame themselves for their wrecked family.

Emotional Whirlwind

Emotional Whirlwind

You will feel like your world is crumbling and your emotions are unstable and overwhelming. You will have the urge to cry at any second, minute and hour of the day, even when doing the simplest of household chore. For some time, you will forget how it feels like to be happy and smile. You will forget your fondest memory, as they were overwhelming by the shadows of infidelity.

Children Will Harbor Anger

According to statistics, more than 88% of children whose parents were troubled by infidelity harbor resentment and anger towards their cheating parent. Around 60% feel ashamed and embarrassed about their situation. And sadly, around 80% felt that their view of love and relationship are deeply reflected and influenced by the situation their parents went through. This statistics, only shows that you and your partner are not the only ones who are going to be affected by infidelity in the long term, but you also scared your children for good.

Your Children Will Have A Painful View Of Love

Your kids will have difficulty trusting someone they love. They are likely to develop a form of anxiety about whether their better half will leave someday. They believe strongly about the presence of lie, rejection and abandonment in every corner of their relationship. And most shockingly, they learn not to put faith in love; not in a way that they will cheat, but in a way that cheating is somewhat normal and almost acceptable. They will not know the importance of accepting love that they truly deserve.


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