Replace Your Mattress

Some mattresses can last for a really long time. You may have a mattress in your home that’s far older than it has a right to be. Some people don’t understand the signs of a mattress in decline. Others may notice something’s a little off about the mattress, but continue to use it for years. Old mattresses aren’t doing your sleep or body any favors. Still, it’s not always the age of the mattress that dictates whether you should replace it. Here are some ways you can tell it’s time to replace the mattress with a new one.

1. You Wake Up in Pain on Most Days

Waking up in pain isn’t a sign you’re getting old. It’s often a sign that you’re sleeping on a worn and uncomfortable mattress that’s bad for your body. Of course, there are a lot of things that go into getting good sleep.

Those things can include sleeping position, length of time sleeping, and various other things that can help or hinder your rest. Still, your mattress plays an incredibly important role in how you feel when you wake up.

As the mattress ages, so does its ability to properly support you. Even if it feels great when you lay down, the fact you wake up feeling not-so-great is a telltale sign you’re on a mattress that’s old or flat not right for you.

2. You Simply Have a Mattress Beyond Its Rated Lifespan

You don’t have to do a lot of guesswork if you’re using a mattress that’s over a decade old. Most mattresses and mattress materials only last for about that long before losing efficacy. Some natural mattress materials can last longer, but all mattresses eventually outlive their rated lifespan.

You can look for the signs of reduced performance, such as saggy areas, a lack of support you remember it giving, obvious signs of wear, etc. Even if you notice nothing, check to see how long your mattress is supposed to last. If you’re far beyond that lifespan, then you might as well replace the mattress sooner than later.

3. You See and Feel the Signs of Wear and Tear

Look at your mattress. Are there lumps, sags, tears, copious stains, or other signs of damage and wear? These all show that the mattress isn’t doing too great. Also, these things will only grow worse as you continue to use the mattress.

A mattress can take a beating and still look fresh for a long time. When there’s noticeable damage, it’s a sure sign that the mattress has gone far beyond its good old days.

Equally, you may feel the signs of wear and tear as well. A lot of discomforts and the need to toss and turn can mean your mattress just doesn’t have the same integrity it used to. Don’t wait for the bed to cave in on itself. Start looking for a replacement as soon as you can.

4. You Start Feeling Sick or Your Bed Is Just Too Dirty

An old or dirty mattress may contain too much dust, dust mites, and other allergens. If you feel fine until you lay in your bed, or you wake up each day with allergy symptoms, there’s a chance your bed is the cause. Beds collect a lot of dirt, dust, and debris.

This isn’t an attack on your cleanliness. Just consider that beds aren’t exactly easy to clean inside and out, and most people don’t even consider what’s collecting in the mattress material as time goes by.

You can limit the accumulation of dust and debris by vacuuming and steaming your bed. Flipping the mattress every so often can help as well. If there’s a large accumulation of dust and detritus, then you should consider starting over with a new mattress.

5. You Just Aren’t Comfortable

Outside of age and other considerations, the best criteria for determining if you need a new mattress is your own comfort. Your mattress should provide comfort, and if it isn’t, then it’s not the mattress for you.

Even a brand-new mattress can cause discomfort if it’s not the right mattress. If you find no comfort or even find the mattress doesn’t aid your sleep at all, then you should definitely spend some time looking to replace it. Sleep is an important aspect of overall health, so the longer you deal with discomfort, the more you only harm yourself.


Your mattress or your body will usually tell you when it’s a good idea to replace your mattress. When the time comes, you’re presented with a great opportunity to try something different. Mattress technology has come a long way over the years.
Something like a modern hybrid mattress can give you the comfort you always dreamed of. Natural mattress materials can also help with keeping dust at bay while increasing the longevity of your mattress. Now is a great time to look into what’s out there, take on some in-home trials, and find the mattress replacement that will improve the effectiveness of your sleep.


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