Innovations in Motor Vehicle Technology

The global motor vehicle industry is currently worth 20.3 billion USD, a figure that’s expected to grow to 25.7 billion by 2025. As the most common form of transport, cars are always in high demand which leads to a considerable amount of competition among manufacturers. With such a high consumer demand and so much money invested into the industry, it is easy to understand why some of the greatest technological innovations to come out of the 21st century involve cars. Here’s what’s making waves in 2022.

Electric Vehicles On The Rise

After centuries of relying on fossil fuels to power our transportation systems, the impending consequences of global warming have become a reality. For this reason and many others, there’s been a growing interest in eco-friendly cars among consumers worldwide.
Electric vehicles are not only better for the environment; the declining availability of fossil fuels and the continuous rise in gas prices is also a good motivator for this industry to flourish. With fast-charging capabilities and drive-in charging facilities becoming more common, electric cars are quickly becoming the most viable option for consumers.

Swapping Paint For Wraps

It’s the dream of many car owners to personalize their rides by customizing their appearance. Traditionally, this would involve a spray job, which is typically quite expensive. Car wrapping, on the other hand, is a method of vehicle customization that has become a popular alternative to spray paint.

This cost-effective process allows car owners to customize the look of their car with their choice of patterns, designs, and colors. Instead of spray paint, car wrapping involves the application of a much cheaper vinyl film onto the surface of the vehicle. Despite costing nearly half the price of spray paint, car wrapping produces equally stunning results and it preserves the paint underneath, potentially increasing a car’s resale value.

Increase In Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are cars that feature onboard AI and sensors that allow for self-driving capabilities. Although the technology is still in its infancy, Tesla drivers can enjoy relatively effective self-driving experiences in their vehicles, the data from which is sent back to Tesla to provide constant improvements to the system. Considering where AV technology is currently, it’s now feasible to begin discussing the future of self-driving vehicles and autonomous package deliveries.

The Innovation Never Stops

In observing contemporary developments within the well-funded and innovation-obsessed automobile industry, you can get a glimpse of what sort of technologies will dominate in the future. While you may not be able to expect the introduction of flying cars any time soon, if CES 2022 is anything to go by, you can still look forward to some exciting vehicular advancements in the years to come.


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