If you’re looking for the perfect place to check out during an RV trip through the Sunshine State, look no further than Miami.

South Florida is night-and-day from the rest of the state in terms of culture; meanwhile, Miami has everything you could possibly want if you’re looking to get outdoors and enjoy some fun in the sun. Cheaper than Disney World and in close proximity to amazing beaches, taking a trip down Alligator Alley may very well be worth your while.

So, why does Miami deserve a spot on your travel itinerary? What should you expect? Below we’ve broken down some ideas for RV travelers in Miami, including where to set up camp and the best activities for you and your family!

Setting Up Camp

You certainly can find of RV rentals in Miami and its surrounding areas, although you might have to stay slightly off the beat and path in pursuit of an RV-specific site. Between Miami’s status as a hustle-and-bustle beach hotspot coupled and booming metropolis, campsites are somewhat hard to come by.

That said, you can go slightly north to Fort Lauderdale or explore the Miami Everglades which does in fact sport an awesome RV resort. For those looking to get the “best of both worlds” in terms of enjoying nature and getting to downtown, the latter is a great option.

Checking Out the Miami Everglades

Even if you don’t decide to stay near the Miami Everglades, the spot is an absolute must-see for nature lovers and those who want to enjoy a bit of outdoor adventure to boot. Attractions such as Miami Everglades Safari park offer up airboat tours and observation platforms to check out the local wildlife. A stark contrast to the nearby beaches, visitors can joy an up close-and-personal encounter with Florida’s flora and fauna.

And yes, you should expect to see an alligator or two while you’re out in the swamplands, but don’t freak out. Simply be aware of alligator safety while camping and bear in mind there are plenty of nearby gator farms if you want to check one out in a safer setting.

Enjoying Miami’s Beaches

Want to enjoy water sports, jet skiing or beach volleyball? Check.

Want to find a quiet place to enjoy a cocktail, watch the kids and soak up some sun? Check

If you don’t hit up some of the best beaches in Miami during your visit, you’re not getting the full Florida experience! Besides: these beaches offer something for everyone in your family.

Given that most of the beaches so close to the city’s downtown district, make sure to check that out as well. There are plenty of parks, animal attractions and places to eat if you’re looking to round out your trip and relax in the midst of civilization.

Miami certainly has quite the reputation for out-of-towners, but don’t discount it if you’re an RV enthusiast. After all, just checking out the Miami side of the Everglades is vacation experience in and of itself. We guarantee once you find the perfect spot for your RV, there’s no shortage of fun to be had!


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