We’re halfway through November and one just can’t wait to get to the beach. These days, the recently renovated Kite Beach in Dubai is all the rage and if you are in Dubai, you should seriously be preparing yourself for some serious fun there! If you get tired after exploring all the tourist destinations in the vibrant state then getting a relaxing massage in Dubai would be a wise decision.

So what’s this beach like? It’s a place where the sun is bright, the breeze is light and comes with plenty of adventure activities. Here are 5 things that make us all fall in love with the Kite Beach.

Kite Beach Dubai

Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts

The Kite Beach offers an excellent jogging and cycling track that is complemented with distance markers. There are also many regular beach boot camps and free gym machines available at hand for everyone. What better way to unwind at the beach with a healthy jog and cool dip in the sea, eh?

Anti-Picnic Basket Beach

Dubai’s Kite Beach offers such a massive variety of mouth-watering food and drink outlets that it simply gives your picnic baskets a permanent place in the attic. Appealing to the eye and with friendly staff, these delicacy havens are all just metres away from your beach towel. You can get the best burgers at SALT and a healthy sweet treat at the Jamba Juice, our personal favourites.

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The Kite Necessities

kite beach

The Kite beach is just for people who want to do something more than just soaking the rays and watching people. There’s kitesurfing and paddle-boarding for the adrenaline-junkies, and sports enthusiasts can also indulge in some beach volleyball, windsurfing and skating.

If you need help with any of these, there are certified instructors there who can help you with your adventure endeavours.

Calling all Introverts and Extroverts

Whether you like partying and being noticed at the beach or are the listening to the waves and reading a book person, Kite Beach has all you need. This is what makes it unique.

The beach is so immense that you can easily pick your ideal spot to enjoy some tranquillity, or blend in the crowds and make some lovely new friends.

Plenty of Parking Spaces

Parking is one irksome business that nearly everyone ends up dealing with, but it’s not the case with the Kite Beach. There are plenty of parking spots here and you can always find a place for your vehicle. The local paid parking costs you AED 2 per hour, but it’s totally free on Friday and Saturday. Then there are private parking spots available too and they charge around AED 50 for the whole day.

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