Yes, the wait is now over. Samsung, one of the biggest tech giants, will be offering its latest incredible foldable phone on 26th April this year that may cost you $1980. Samsung first gave a hint about the new smartphone back in November 2018 and gradually revealed more details about this amazing new smartphone which is named as Samsung Galaxy Fold. The smartphone will be launched in two versions that will be LTE and 5g versions and there is news that it might be launched in Europe in May.

In the video that is added in the post, you will clearly see how the phone turns into a tablet when unfolded. There is a hinge that allows the beautiful device to be folded and this is something very unique. The new Samsung Galaxy Fold will face a serious competition by Huawei Mat X that is also a foldable phone. It seems like there will be a battle of foldable smartphones later this year.


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