Night's Sleep

If you’re a light Night’s Sleep to begin with, you may find that Night’s Sleep and travel just don’t blend. But when you’re not sleeping, you’re not making the most of your day. Feelings of fatigue can hold you back from enjoying family vacation or performing your best at a week-long work conference.

Better Night’s Sleep While Traveling

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help get a better night’s sleep while traveling.

1. Research your Accommodations

It’s always a good idea to stay close to the action, so you don’t have to take public transportation everywhere you go. But when sleep is an issue, you may want to consider staying at a hotel in a quieter area.

Additionally, read hotel reviews to get a feel for the noise level you might expect. And finally, call the hotel before you reserve a room. You’ll want to find out how booked they are during your stay.

If you’re choosing between two Villa hotels with varying capacities, you may want to select the one with more availability. At worst, you can always ask for a room in a quiet area of the hotel.

When you call ahead, you may also learn about various shows and conventions that are going on during your stay. For example, if half the hotel guests are there for a Sesame Street Live show, you should expect a bunch of noisy kids.

As a general rule, avoid booking a room on a lower floor or near an elevator.
As an alternative, you may want to book an AirBnB where you don’t have to share accommodations.

2. Avoid Long Naps

It may be tempting to sleep on the plane, but napping for too long at odd times can throw off your sleep schedule. If you’re tired when you arrive at your destination, set your alarm to ensure you’ll wake up after a short power nap. And if you can’t swing a power nap, try your best to keep your eyes open until bedtime.

3. Stay Hydrated


Dehydration can lead to fatigue, and this can be a major issue when you’re traveling. Airplane travel is especially likely to dehydrate you, so be sure you’re drinking your recommended amount of water daily. If you aren’t sure what that is, cut your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces. It’s not a perfect system for determining your water needs, but it’ll give you a good idea of what you should be drinking.

4. Continue your Bedtime Routine

If you have a bedtime routine at home, try not to stray too far away from it. When you’re used to winding down in a certain way, it can be difficult to drift off to sleep without your routine. For some people, it’s watching television. But it’s a better idea to choose something relaxing, like a bath or book, in the hour before you attempt to sleep.

5. Skip the Nightcap

Many people will drink a nightcap to help them get to sleep, but drinking alcohol before bed can lead to a less restful sleep overall. It may help you get to sleep, but you probably won’t get enough high-quality REM sleep throughout the night.

It is possible to get a restful sleep while you’re traveling. Follow these simple tips to get a better night’s rest while you’re traveling.

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