Star Wars Games

By the time the Nintendo 64 was introduced, interests in the Star Wars series on video games was at an amazingly high level. Many titles increasingly became popular and started to expand the existing universe, create their own stories, and allow for a greater experience. As more powerful consoles are creating, it’s much easier now than ever before to immerse in the world of legendary and entertain after a stressful time at school. With that in mind, here are top 5 Star Wars games for NINTENDO 64 ROMS, which you can get free download easily.

Top 5 Star Wars Games

1. Star Wars – Rogue Squadron

Release date: 1998

Star Wars

The Star Wars – Rogue Squadron will make your childhood dream of traveling and flying all of the crafts in the Star Wars galaxy. Different from other flight titles, this game placed the players in the cockpit of the pivotal and fantastic moments from the real Star Wars world.

Set between the Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope, this version will allow you to be a pilot in the X-Wing, also known as Rogue Squadron. You will be in the role of Luke Skywalker and lead the fleet of pilots to destroy the Death Star. During 16 levels, the mission is to fly your craft across the universe and have combats.

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2. Star Wars – Shadows of The Empire

Release date: 1996

Star Wars

The Star Wars – Shadows of The Empire was one of the first and most popular games for those who want to immerse in the world of this amazing series. With third-person shooting modes, you can easy to play and enjoy. Moreover, you will have the chance of fighting alongside Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywaleker, and Han Solo to help rescue Princess Leia.

In addition to an intriguing storyline and impressive levels during the game, the title also provides exceptional boss battles. From having a head-to-head battle with Boba Fett to facing the Imperial AT-ST, you can have great experience over 10 missions and enjoy the Star Wars galaxy.

3. Star Wars – Shutsugeki! Rogue Chuutai

Release date: 1998

Star Wars

Star Wars – Shutsugeki! Rogue Chuutai is the last of 3 games in the Rogue Squadron series, which was released in 1998. It was among the first titles to make use of the N64’s Expansion Pak that allows for a higher resolution.

The game was inspired by the comic series with the same name, which takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars. The gamers will control the commander Luke Skywalker of the Rogue Squadron. During the game, they have to fight against the Galactic Empire in 16 missions across different planets.

Thanks to its flight controls and technical achievements, the title has received relatively positive reviews. The sales also exceeded expectations with more than 1 million copies sold by 1999.

4. Star Wars – Teikoku No Kage

Release date: 1996

Star Wars

Star Wars – Teikoku No Kage is a third-person shooter title that was created by Lucas Arts. Released in 1997, this version utilized multiple forms of vehicular combat sequences.

In this game, the game players will control a mercenary named Dash Rendar to support Luke Skywalker in rescuing Princess Leia from the hands of Prince Xizor. It is actually a part of the well-known Star Wars- Shadows of the Empire, which is a backstory between the Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back.

The title received positive to mixed reviews from players and critics. During the first year, there were nearly one million copies sold, ranking the third top-selling game on Nintendo 64.

5. Star Wars Episode I – Battle For Naboo

Release date: 2000

Star Wars

Star Wars Episode I – Battle for Naboo is widely known as the spiritual sequel to the Rogue Squadron title, which was released 2 years earlier. In spite of the similarities between them, the developer created a new game engine for this version and added water and land-based in addition to the current aerial combat.

The title set in the Star Wars galaxy, which was depicted in the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The players will control a lieutenant named Gavyn Sykes in the Royal Security Forces of Naboo to fight against the Trade Federation. The game has 15 missions which take place mostly on Naboo planet and surrounding spaces. This title has received many positive reviews and critics for its responsive and tight controls.

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