Successful Bar

So you want to open your own Successful Bar? With so many bars in the market already it’s important to consider a few things to ensure your new business is successful and stands the test of time.

From the design and build phase right the way through to staffing and opening times, there are a multitude of different aspects to plan out before you get started.

Designing your Space

Successful Bar

The way a bar looks, feels and its overall vibe can make or break an establishment. If you don’t have the right lighting, the appropriate refrigeration, the right colour scheme and great furniture, people won’t come back and spend money with you.

When thinking of your colours, decide what overall theme and style you’re wanting to go with. Are you wanting to be retro vintage? What about going for a modern feel? Or are you thinking grungy and urban? Your overall style will define what colour palette you decide to go for.

Think practically about where you put your actual bar and accompanying furniture. The layout of your bar is incredibly important as you have to consider things such as are there enough chairs to accommodate your capacity and how much space is there in front of the bar for people queuing.

Think About Behind the Scenes

What about the practical elements of your bar such as glass storage space and refrigeration? You’ll need to ensure your bar unit has enough space to house a number of different sizes and types of glassware.

When planning the type of bar you are going to open, you also need to consider whether you’re going to be an allrounder, providing everything from cocktails, wines, spirits and beers, or if you are thinking of being a specialist establishment like a gin or wine bar.

If you are headed down a more niche route like a wine bar, you’ll need to look into large wine fridges to ensure your stock is cooled and ready to serve at a moments notice. Nisbets offers a range of wine fridges in plenty of different sizes, specs and colours. If your plan is to only serve wines and champagnes, one of their larger double sized fridges may be the perfect option for your business.

Consider What Products you’re Going to Stock

What drinks you offer in your new bar is more important than you think. If you have a limited number of gins on offer you may be missing a huge client base. Equally if you have a very small selection of rosé wines you may also completely miss another demographic too.

Pick your drinks carefully and use a highly recommend or sought after selection of suppliers. Make sure you take the time to try all of your products too as it’s a lot easier to sell products you know and love over those you know nothing about!

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