Vintage Décor

Every decade seems to have a trending color scheme with decorative accessories. Many people make the effort to change their entire décor to keep up with the times. Others refuse to let go of the past and keep the same colors and designs for many years. Then there is an entirely new generation of homeowners that reminisce about a time they never knew. A few adults may also remember a few items from their early childhood and want to recreate Vintage Décor. The 1970’s had a distinct look that has infiltrate everything from television sets to popular movies.

A Vintage Office

When you are ready to be adventurous and try out a vintage theme, you need to choose the perfect space. You can choose a room that everyone uses or steal a spare room to enjoy all for yourself. Vintage décor in your study, for example, can turn a boring space into a lively place to work. This is a great idea to make a more interesting area for those that work from home. The vintage wallpaper and colorful accents can easily separate the room from the rest of the house for a great office away of from home feel.

Shared Family Areas

If you want something for the entire family to enjoy, implement the vintage décor in a larger space, such as the family room or game room. The game room is often a dumping ground for mismatched furniture and odd accessories. It may be a great place to try something new. For these large spaces you can easily but vintage wallpaper on a large wall behind the couch, or on the entertainment side of the room. You can even start small and do a bathroom in vintage style. Change small things like the faucets, shelving, and towels to make pull the look together.

Bedrooms with Style

The bedroom is one of the easiest places to implement a vintage style. Start with the wallpaper and then add a coordinating bedspread. Choose a corner and deck it out with a vintage style chair in one of the ionic 70’s colors, such as orange or yellow. There are endless ideas for accessories to complete the look. Many items have made a comeback in recent years. Décor can be affordable and easy to find. Area rugs, throw pillows, and lamps can all be used. You may think you are still dreaming when you wake up surrounded by iconic colors and accessories. Visit to get some great ideas.

Preparing for vintage decorating can be an exciting time. You may notice more vintage items in local stores than you realized were there. Once you get inspired with wallpaper or a special piece of furniture, the rest is easy. You can create a secret hideaway in a spare room or create something for the entire family to enjoy. If your family room is already well-established, do something with your mismatched game room. You can look forward to work time when your office is a vintage piece of art.


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