Save You Tomorrow

Our daily schedules can be hectic, especially when trying to juggle a career, family life, social life, and any other number of commitments we might have. So when minor disasters strike, diverting your plans and sucking up your precious time and money, it can feel like too much. And often you’ll find yourself thinking “if only I had done something earlier, this would never have happened.”

Well you know what they say – the best cure is prevention. So we’re going to give you specific tips and actions you can take that will get you out of those stressful situations that can come up to bite you when you least expect them. These tips address issues people have faced for decades, in some cases centuries, but we’ve tried to make them as timely and relevant as possible.

4 Things that will Save You Tomorrow

Save You Tomorrow

Download A Budgeting App

Sticking to a budget is probably one of the hardest day-to-day obligations that are an absolute necessity. Running out of cash is one of the great banes of modern life and unless you’re a CEO or a lifelong trust-fund baby, you will need to learn the art of saving your money.

With today’s technology, it’s super easy, and there are now dozens if not hundreds of apps designed to help you keep track of your earning and spending.

Get Your Keys Copied

Keys Copied

We’ve all lost a key at some point. Maybe you left your bedroom key on your desk and locked the door. Maybe you knocked your car key down the sink while making your early morning coffee. And suddenly BAM – most plans you had for the day are put on hold. Gotta go to work? Take the kids to school? Planned a weekend getaway?

Too bad. You’re not going anywhere until the keys are retrieved or until your roommate or partner get home with their spare or the landlord turns up (which in most cases could be anywhere between an hour and a week). Save yourself the time and tantrum by ordering copies of your keys through a house and car locksmith.

Back Up Your Computer

Back Up Your Computer

Probably the most obvious item on the list. We’ve been telling ourselves this for as long as we’ve had personal computers, but many people still forget this vital step to self-preservation. In a world where the majority of our most important information is stored in our computers, backing them up is essential. Always protect your personal files!

You don’t even have to buy an external hard drive anymore; it’s as simple as using online storage services of backing everything up into cloud storage. It’s 2019, and there’s no excuse for losing all your data; when it happens, most people will just shake their head instead of feeling sorry for you.

Keep A Digital Resume

This one may not seem like a life (or day)-saver at first until you realise how many different things you have done in your life and how easy it is to forget about them. But keeping a digital resume of every job you’ve had and achievement you’ve made, even if that’s doing the morning paper route when you were thirteen, means that you’ll be able to keep track of all your accomplishments.

Sure, the paper route probably won’t be relevant to your office management application, but you never know what else might be. That way, every time you apply for a new job, you can duplicate the resume and delete anything that isn’t relevant. That way, it’s easy to build a complete CV in a matter of minutes.

So, there you go; don’t let anything unpleasant take you by surprise and be ready for anything life throws at you with these simple tips.


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