Streetwear is a strange and often misunderstood fashion concept, and it is certainly not a new one, having been around for quite a number of years. While you might have grown up with the more comfortable and casual streetwear look of the noughties, it might be time to turn it up a notch now and smarten up your streetwear game; bringing it bang up to date and giving it the more modern-smart twist it deserves.

For many people, streetwear is the go-to style, and why not? Relaxed and casual is by far and away the dress code of the moment, but when it comes to dressing it up a little and giving it something of a more sophisticated look without losing that streetwear essence, some people can struggle. With this in mind, here are our five ways to dress up your game for the smart yet casual look.

1. Jeans

Jeans are the staple piece in pretty much any wardrobe and, let’s face it, they are on the list with good reason. They have been around for a long time and, while other fashions have come and gone, jeans are a constant of men’s streetwear. What has changed however is the style, and this is where you can make a small change for huge effect. Ditch those baggy jeans, they really don’t do much for anybody. Instead, opt for slimmer styles. These not only look more flattering, but they also look an awful lot smarter and can really pull together any outfit.

2. Opt for Dark Shades

Bright and light shades of clothing are all very well, and certainly have their place in the fashion world, but if you are looking to smarten up your image then steer clear. Darker shades simply look smarter, and they wear really well. Think about business suits for example. There is no denying that a dark suit looks much better than something pale – and the same thing is true for a more casual look. And dark doesn’t have to be boring. There is so much choice out there when it comes to men’s streetwear. Take a look, be creative and you might surprise yourself how easy it is to keep the style but smarten it up a touch.

3. Complementary Items

Some days it can be really tempting to grab the first few garments that come to hand, but if you want a smarter look then take a few minutes to select items that work well together. Matching small items that really complement each other will really help to pull that stylish look together. Think about matching belts and shoes, or jackets and belts; it’s amazing the difference this can make.

4. Layering

If you want a look that gives you the best of both worlds, then you can dress up a casual outfit with another layer. Adding a mens outdoor field jacket to a more casual outfit will instantly transform it from casual to smart casual. This can be ideal if you are heading straight out from work to an evening with friends, but won’t have time to return home for a change. Layering the jacket will give an ideal look for many modern offices – where the dress code is often a little more relaxed – then simply ditch the jacket for a more casual outfit if you need it in the evening.

5. Keep it Simple

You don’t need to go all out and buy all the latest pieces from one brand. Good streetwear is about the ability to piece different clothes together from different collections, to create the look that best works for you. Invest in some key pieces and try and work them in with the items that you already have. Remember to avoid baggy jeans and paler colours though to achieve your smarter look.

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