Super Healthy Foods

Health is wealth, we all know this popular quote. It is very easy to get on a path that leads to bad health, but if you want to live a healthy life then you need to follow a good routine. The first thing you need to add in your daily routine is exercise and second thing is eating healthy food to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The exercise that you would choose may have different underlying aims, some might exercise to gain weight and some to lose weight. But, exercise alone will never give results unless you add foods to gain weight or foods to lose weight in your daily diet. The list of Top super Healthy Foods do not include anything expensive or that is not easily available in the market, it includes almonds, apple, fish and all the foods having healthy nutrition properties.

Add these Top Super Healthy Foods to your diet plan:

1. Brazil Nut – Super Healthy Foods

Super Healthy Foods

2. Almonds

Super Healthy Foods

3. Lentils

Super Healthy Foods

4. Oatmeal

Super Healthy Foods

5. Wheat Germ

6. Broccoli

7. Apples

8. Kale

9. Blueberries

Super Healthy Foods

10. Avocados

11. Leafy Green Vegetables

12. Sweet Potatoes

13. Chicken

14. Eggs


15. Oily Fish

Oily Fish


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