Summer Hairstyle For Women

Is there one single hairstyle that has managed to capture the attention of the world in such turbulent times? It appears so, and that hairstyle is the French bob. One of those rare looks that is both classic and still evolving, the bob has continued to reinvent itself every decade but stays true to the core of what the bob is all about. It should come as no surprise that the French bob is being seen on city streets to celebrity Instagram pages to front covers of magazines.

Ryan Forsythe, director of the hair salon Trevor Sorbie, says that the bob simply works because it’s one of the most natural and effortlessly stylish haircuts that so many people can wear. “The look goes back to the ’20s jazz scene, where everyone was wearing little bobs. The French were, and still are, known for this really beautiful hairstyle. I would say that a French bob is similar to a one-length bob in terms of the cut, but it doesn’t have any heavy layering,” he says.

The French bob typically hits the jawline or slightly below, and bangs of varying lengths help to add to that cute little Français style that so many women are loving in 2020. From blonde to brunettes to ginger and everything in-between, the French bob is beneficial for those who like an easy styling session in the morning, as the overall finish is not aimed at being overtly straightened or curled or full of hairspray. In fact, an air-dry finish helps everything to appear natural for any hair type. A bit of mousse or hair wax might help to add definition and shape, but otherwise the French bob is usually better when left to its own devices.

Of course, French bobs are made to more or less suit everyone, a good chat with your stylist wouldn’t go amiss, as hair condition and face shape still need to be taken into account. The bob can make or break someone’s style, so ensure that you find the right length and whether you want bangs or not. “Overall though, styling it is pretty easy as it’s a safe, classic haircut, ” continues Forsythe. “I always advise my guests to look for particular things that they like in photos, rather than the whole look. For example, pick out a color, texture, length, or perhaps a fringe. These visual aids really help stylists ensure the client gets the exact look they are hoping for.”

Hair experts advise a cut roughly every six to eight weeks to keep the shape and style of the haircut, but thankfully the looks tends to grow evenly and works well if you want to leave the length a bit longer. While you’re at the hair salon and wishing for more change, you might even like to consider altering your hair color to a late summer/early fall shade that will be super trendy in the coming months. Think about any of these great colors in addition to your French bob, and you’re going to have the most fashionable hair in town.

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