Blonde is one of the four main types of hair colors. The rest are brunette, redheads, and gray. Blonde hair is pale yellow in color, and it is the most popular hairstyle, as it is associated with beauty. It is for this reason that men find blonde women attractive. However, being blonde has its unique stereotypes. Blondes can be perceived to be less intelligent than brunettes are. Despite this, blondes are more socially likable since women of this hair color are generally perceived to be sexy and fun loving. No wonder more people do consider changing their hair colors to blonde to pep up their personality. Here are some valuable tips before you dye your hair blonde:

1. Pick Your Shade of Blonde

Blonde hair color comes with many shades such as Platinum blonde, silver blonde, and golden blonde. Choose the one that you prefer considering your skin tone and natural hair color. Consult your stylist so that she can help you in picking the right shade that will perfectly suit you. To change your hair color, you can decide to either bleach or dye. For the best results, it is advisable to use products such as hair toners after bleaching since they make your hair look more natural, healthier, and shinier. More about the best toners and shampoos for blonde hair can be found on

2. Research

Before you go blonde, you will want to research on a salon that will give you a desirable hair transformation. Ask your friends for recommendations to avoid a frustrating situation when a rookie stylist will mess up with your hair.

3. Be Ready To Spend Time and Money

Having your hair colored in a way that will please you will be neither cheap nor fast. If your hair color is too dark, then you will have to book more appointments of varying durations before you achieve a perfect blonde look.

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4. Consider Your Natural Skin and Hair Color

It is important to pick a shade of blonde that matches your skin color to ensure that you get a desirable look. The main skin tones are fair, dark, medium, and pinkish. These tones go with different shades of blonde. A fair skin tone will go well with a golden shade while a dark skin tone matches with a honey blonde. If you have a pinkish hue, then you should go for cool shades such as beige blonde and ashy blonde. For medium skin tones, you should avoid ashy and beige shade colors.

5. Be Ready For Maintenance

After going blonde, you will have to give attention to your hair by giving it regular conditioning. You will have to use certain hair products to keep your hair moisturized and free of damage. You will also find it necessary to head for the salon monthly for touch-ups.

6. Get a Professional

If it is your first time dyeing your hair, you would rather go to an experienced stylist than doing it by yourself. A professional will know the right toner to use, the duration that the bleach should stay on your hair, among other things that you might be unsure of. Consulting a professional will save you from damaging your hair.



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