The Hybrid Cars of 2023 - toyota hybrid cars

The word hybrid can actually be attributed to the world of horticulture. There was once a time when it pretty much meant the offspring of two plants (or animals) from different species. Over time it became widely used as something that combined two different elements, and today you’ll most likely see it used on the rear of a car.

Checking out some hybrid cars for sale is a great kicking-off point if you’re after a new motor that combines an internal combustion engine with a battery and electric motor. But if you’ve done that and found the choice on offer exhaustive, fret not.

Below we’ve highlighted the best five hybrid cars of 2023.

Honda Jazz

Best hybrid for: versatility

We bet you saw the Honda Jazz and immediately thought this style wouldn’t be for you, but we’re here to tell you that it has a couple of aces up its sleeve!

It’s roughly the same size as a Ford Fiesta, but it offers miles more room for occupants. While its frugal little hybrid engine also ensures that it will very, very rarely dip below 50mpg.


Best hybrid for: style and affordability

The SEAT Leon is thought of as the more exotic and better-looking VW Golf. You see, it shares a lot of hardware and software with the VW, but it’s wrapped in a more exotic body and it’s even a bit cheaper too.

There are a few different variants of hybrid available with the Leon, but we love the plug-in, called e-Hybrid. This option offers up to 40 miles of pure electric driving and mpg in the 70s if you remember to plug it in.

Lexus NX

Best hybrid for: build quality

The NX is a truly fabulously built car. You won’t find any squeals, squeaks or rattles. It comes with a massive warranty, and it’s truly easy to use. Well, except for the steering wheel controls, which are a bit of a faff.

There are regular and plug-in options here. We recommend the regular hybrid with four-wheel drive. It’ll do more than 40mpg in day-to-day driving, no sweat.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Best hybrid for: crossover lovers

Crossovers are a big business. They combine the rufty tufty looks and raised ride height of an SUV with the low running costs and dimensions of a supermini.

The Yaris Cross is brilliant because it builds on what’s good about the regular Yaris (60mpg, peppy performance, good ride) but adds more space in the rear and a bigger boot.

Honda Civic

Best hybrid for: being just about the right car for everyone

The Honda Civic might seem like a bold choice to go on a list such as this, but this latest model comes with one of the most frugal and smooth hybrid engines on the market. It’s also pretty quick, and economical. It should do around 50mpg without trying.


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