A Good Bed

A bed is the place where you spend at least a third of your day. Depending on factors like support and comfort, the bed you sleep on can have a very big impact on the quality of your sleep. An unfit bed can lead to a range of different issues like back pain, restricted movement, bad posture, bug infestation, etc. It therefore becomes important to discuss about all the reasons that are crucial for a good night’s sleep. Let us look at some of the most important factors that make a bed good to sleep on.

1. Prioritize Comfort

A good bed is all about the level of comfort that you receive while sleeping. Your night sleep can be interrupted due to a number of reasons such as sleeping on a bed that has an improper height which creates an imbalance or one that makes a creaking sound. Problems like these shouldn’t be allowed to persist as this can seriously impact the quality of sleep in the long run and may lead to problems like wakefulness, daytime grogginess, impaired memory consolidation, etc. A good bed therefore also needs to be coupled with pillows and beddings that are made of comfortable and breathable material like silk, cotton, satin, etc. However, having a lot of such stuff around your bed can sometimes make your bed look untidy if not cleaned regularly. Decluttering your room and keeping your bedspace clean are therefore important steps towards improving your bedroom space.

2. The Right Support

The last thing you want to experience after waking up in the morning is an aching back and pain in the joints. It is precisely the reason you should go for a bed that is not very firm and does not allow to build pressure points in your body. A good bed on the other hand will help prevent pain and soreness in the neck, shoulder, arms, etc. According to this past study, participants sleeping on a new bed system had a lowered risk of back pain and experienced better overall sleep quality. People who are on the heavier side should be extra careful before choosing a bed and should go with foam beds, platform beds, box spring, etc. For example, platform beds may just work well with a mattress but a classic bed will most probably need a box spring along with the mattress for the right kind of support.

3. Picking the Mattress Carefully

The most important part of your bed is undoubtedly the mattress. Pick a mattress that complements your bed in the right way and evenly distributes your weight. An old mattress which is sagging in the middle and filled with lumps is one of the primary reasons of sleep deprivation among people all over the planet. It therefore becomes absolutely important that you follow the right steps to get rid of sleep deprivation before things get out of hand. With the wide range of different mattresses available out there such as memory foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, etc., it becomes difficult to choose the one which is best for you. Follow this list of various mattress reviews where you can go through all the latest reviews and pick the right mattress according to your needs. Do not forget to get yourself a suitable mattress encasement to combat the risk of allergens and bug infestation.

4. Posture

An important aspect of a good bed is that it helps maintain the right posture for your body. A lot of people forget that it is not just the way you walk or the way you sit that defines your natural posture but also the way in which you sleep. Sleeping regularly on a comfortable bed will ensure that there is less strain on your muscle when you work and reduced chances of tiredness. The natural curvature of the body therefore needs to be upheld by the bed you are sleeping on so that there is proper circulation and digestion and pain in different parts of the body could be prevented. Even the best of the beds can sometimes lead to problems related to indigestion. It is therefore important to follow some preventive tips to help ease your digestive process such as elevating your head, sleeping on your left, avoiding heavy meals before bedtime, etc.

5. Size Matters

Bed mattress

The size that you are picking for your bed is very important while taking into consideration the size of the room and that of those who are going to sleep on it. There is a range of different beds based on the age, size and number of sleepers such as baby cribs, bassinets, bunk beds, single, twin, queen, king, etc. One must ensure that your bed gets an update every time the sleeper starts to outgrow it. While children and the elderly may require a comparatively lower bed, adults would most probably do well with a bed that is at least two feet high. Make sure that the bed you are choosing fits well to the size of the room so that you have space left to put in other essential furniture in the room.

Bottom Line:

You think of your bed when you think of sleep which is why the idea that a reliable bed is paramount for your sleep quality should not be something new. We hope that we have been able to satisfactorily answer the question of “what makes a good bed?” With all the different choices of beds out there, it is important that you invest in a bed that inspires comfort, support, longevity and fits properly in your bedroom.

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