Intimacy Issues

The most delicate and aesthetic aspect of human life is to be in love, romance and intimacy with your opposite gender. Anything untoward about this charming side of life must be tackled then and there to avoid any big mishap.

Intending to facilitate you in this regard, we have figured out the following vivid signs which show that you have got some intimacy issues while proceeding with your significant other. You must recognize them in detail before you address them properly. You may also take advice from one of your well-wishers like ReGain. Let’s dive into things.

1. You never get fully involved emotionally

You never get fully involved emotionally

It always scares you to discuss your emotional feelings with your partner when he or she tries to lean on you emotionally. You often create circumstances that may derail the process of opening you up emotionally. Your partner often keeps complaining that you are shut down with him or her emotionally.

2. You always doubt if your partner is compatible with you

An intimate relationship never allows for any doubts whatsoever, but you always have them in your mind. The fear that your partner is not suitable for you dominates your mind most of the time. You often keep revising in your mind the list of reasons why your partner is not right for you. That’s why you never have your two feet in your relationship.

3. You often feel hesitant to commit to one relationship

Despite having been in close relationship with your partner, you like to keep the door open to meet others as well. You are mentally hesitant to accept that you have got committed to a single relationship. You never like to declare it openly that you have got committed to one person after all.

4. Your relationships normally last for about 6 to 8 months

Your relationships normally last for about 6 to 8 months

You must have observed it yourself that you start feeling uncomfortable as soon as your relationship with your partner crosses a few months. You do like the initial stages of each of your relationships, but as the time elapses and things get to open themselves up, you start getting fed-up with your partner and tend to shift to someone else. Your actual problem is that you feel uneasy to hear and share the tender mutual feelings regarding this blessed relation.

5. You always let down your partner when he/she needs you

You always let down your partner when he she needs you

You are also in the habit of ignoring your partner’s full fledge or delaying your response to his/her calls or messages. More than quite often, you try to avoid your partner when he/she is in your dire need. Your partner often complains of your lack of availability on important occasions. This sign clearly shows that you are never attached to your partner mentally, spiritually, and physically.

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6. You deliberately try to avoid physical intimacy

One of the major intimacy issues is your reluctance to enjoy the physical touch of your partner. Even months pass on and you never feel the need to have physical relations with him /her. Sex is something like a forbidden tree for you whereas your partner may need it desperately. You don’t have the courage or comfort zone as far as having sex with your partner is concerned. The presence of this intimacy issue makes you somewhat a psyche case, for it is always a divine gift to have sex with your partner.

7. You may even think of having sex with someone you hardly know

Instead of doing it with your partner, you may prefer to have sex with someone almost a stranger to you. You feel comfortable thinking of going into a sexual phase with people you hardly know. This is because you don’t have feelings of shyness and fear when opening up to a person you do not know and will perhaps never know in the future.

8. You often accuse your partner of changing you

You often accuse your partner of changing you

The more you are involved in someone, the more you have to change yourself. You will have to be less selfish and more sacrificing for others if you are in strong relations with them. So, if you had to change yourself a bit for your partner, this must not be a big game on your part. You never need to be accusing your partner of changing you.

9. You never like to be cheated, so you cheat first

You always feel scared of being rejected or cheated by your partner and think that you will get hurt in this way. So, you think that you should cheat your partner first. This very intimacy issue is based on the mere assumption and has nothing to do with the real nature of your partner.

10. You always dislike public displays of affection

As you want to keep your door open for other people as well, you like to be less exposed publically. Hence, having a public display of affection is never your priority. Either you never like to show deep affection to your partner at all or at least never like to show the least of it outdoors. You are afraid that other people will take your act as a foul offense and will consider you an idiot.

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