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Anyone would love to be an expert in matters of beauty, given the prominence and rapid growth of the industry. Both men and women have learned and appreciated the concept of self-care in the route to achieving the very best from their physical appearances.

When it comes to hair, do you ever feel like your hair stylist is hiding something from you? There is a type of mastery that hair stylists have, which helps them know how to handle different clients with different hair needs perfectly. Today this article comprehensively looks at 10 hair secrets your hair stylist would not want you to know.

Top Hair Secrets You Should Know

1. Hot Hair Tools are Unfavorable for Damp Hair

How many times have you had to use heat on your hair when it was wet? The fact is that hot hair tools, for example, a curling iron, can damage your hair, most especially if it is not completely dry.

The theory is that hair is weaker when wet that when it is totally dry, and the minute you expose it to heat, you risk burning some hair strands while breaking some others.

2. One Man’s Meat is another Man’s Poison

Perhaps your friend influenced you to get a particular hairstyle, but afterward, she gets all the, and you don’t. The reason is simple – as to matters hairstyles, one does not fit all. People have different face types, for example, square, oval, diamond, among others. Your jawline and the size of your forehead have a lot to say about how a hairstyle lays on you.
Ideally, instead of getting the exact haircut as your friend, your stylist should fine-tune it to befit you and your features.

3. Hair stylists don’t always know what they are doing

Do you ever wonder whether your hairstylist is having a hard time with your hair? While they may not come up front and tell you, they do not always know what to do with different hair types, mainly if you go to the salon without a clue of what look you want to achieve.

The good news is that hair stylists are good at what they do. Therefore, their creativity allows them to try something out until it works for you.

4. Bring your Hair Products

Say you are coloring your hair, your stylist will tell you that they can take care of all of your needs, and all you have to do is pay for the full service. However, no one will break down to you the cost, not to mention the convenience of bringing your own hair dye.

With the same case study, once you get full hair color, you will need to show up a couple of weeks later for a retouch. Ideally, in between the hair treatments, you will realize that products from the store will work best for you. So next time you go to your stylist, how about you try bringing your hair products for a change?

5. The Color you insist on may not be best for you

Do you ever go to the salon and the stylist insists that you change your entire hairstyle plan? You should not take this as an attempt for them to impose their projections on you, but rather that they are trying to help you look your best.

Trying out different colors is fun for anyone to try out, but with advice from the experts. If you are going for a blonde look, for instance, your stylists may suggest a lighter or darker shade, depending on your skin tone, the color of the eyes, thinness or thickness of your strands, among other factors. Take their advice into consideration – after all, the experts know best!

6. Spend a Little more on the Right Products

Going to the salon with unhealthy hair is an added baggage to your stylists. Ideally, your haircare techniques at home should be channeled to keeping your strands strong and healthy. Do not expect the stylist to do magic on your head when all you do at home is compromise a good day’s job.

Instead of having to start from scratch every time you visit a salon, spend a little more money on getting the right and quality products. That goes for your moisturizers, shampoos, combs, hats, bands, accessories, among other things.

7. Too Much is not Always Right

There are too many products in the market made to improve the health and overall look of hair. You can make thin hair thicker, dull hair shinier, short hair longer, among other things. However, in hair management, more is not always more.

The more products you put on your mane, the more you weigh it down, not to mention, compromise its original cycle. It is okay to use some products to push your hair to the level you want it to be, but be careful not to recreate these experiences every day. Allow your hair to be healthy on its own.

That is quite the discovery. Now, you can proceed with bringing out the best version of your mane like an expert. If you want the best tool that you can use for your hair when you need a trim or a cut, please read the remington hc4250 shortcut pro review.

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