Having the opportunity to escape to someplace wonderful away from your daily responsibilities with your spouse might be a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, it’s important that your trip is carefully planned out so that it’s ultimately nothing short of perfect.

There are a few important details and elements you should pay most attention to if you want it to be truly spectacular. Although it may require a little bit of hard work and effort on your end up front, picture yourselves relaxing and having a great time to help keep yourself motivated to follow through on all the recommended preparations.

Agree on A Destination

While surprises are fun once in a while, it’s in your best interest to get on the same page about where you want to travel to. Selecting a destination together will help to ensure that your trip with your spouse is perfect and there’s nothing to argue over. Research destinations as a team and narrow it down until you come up with a location that you both find attractive and a good fit.

Pack the Necessities

Plan the perfect getaway with your spouse by packing the necessities that will help make sure it’s an enjoyable and romantic time away. For instance, you’ll want to look nice when you go out to dinner and sexy while relaxing poolside by purchasing a fashionable triangle bikini. Only bring along what you need so your suitcase is easy to carry and you have extra room in your bag to bring home a few souvenirs.

Find Ways to Make Your Trip More Fun

Remember that going away on a trip with your spouse is a great opportunity to connect and to simply have fun with each other. One idea for making your vacation more enjoyable is to purchase and bring along a suitcase vinyl player. This way you can play music you both find pleasurable while you’re sitting by the pool or to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out at night. Another idea is to put on your favorite song and ask your partner to dance with you outside on the patio.

Unplug & Be in the Moment

What’s most important is that you value and appreciate this time away with your partner. Your trip will be that much more memorable and relaxing when you each commit to unplugging from your electronics and agree to be fully present. If either or both of you are glued to your computer or phone, then you risk not being able to truly enjoy your vacation or each other’s company. Work ahead at the office prior to departing and commit to living in the moment once you’re at your destination.


Follow these trip planning tips and your vacation with your spouse is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Appreciate this chance to connect on a deeper level with your loved one and take a break from your daily routine. Put in the time and energy to plan ahead and then sit back and relax and enjoy your time away together.

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