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Weddings are something that most people love, especially when it’s taking place between two people that they adore. It can be a time filled with positive emotions and fond memories, so making the most of it and living in the moment is essential. If you have a weekend coming up and it’s away from home, then you may be thinking about what items you need to take along. This is important if you want to avoid leaving items behind as it sometimes the little things that make the weekend perfect. On that note, find a list of things that you should pack for a wedding weekend below.

Gift For the Couple

One of the first things you should pack for a wedding weekend is a gift for the couple. Even if you’re working with a tight budget, there are so many affordable and thoughtful gifts you can get just to show the couple some love. One wedding gift idea that you probably can’t go wrong with is a set of pots and pans. Unless the couple intends to live off of takeaway, they’re always going to need such items to prepare meals. Aside from this, you could give them a framed picture or personalized canvas with a thoughtful message on it. Alcohol and good linens are great gifts too.

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Venue Details

When going away for a wedding weekend, having the venue details is essential. You don’t want to miss out on any special moments because you’re lost or can’t find your way. Take a map along in case your maps on your phone or sat nav doesn’t work for any reason. Additionally, see if you can get the contact details of the venue in case you can’t get through to anyone else. If you’re going to one of those rustic wedding venues and it’s a more intimate space, it may not be easily identifiable if it isn’t on a main road.

Casual Wear

Unless you’re going to your destination and leaving the same day, you should pack casual wear to take along with you. This could include a number of plus size dresses to wear during the day whether you’ll be going out for lunch or to look around the area. You can also find your perfect choice for your wedding outfit online, too. Also, don’t forget your sleepwear as well as another option for evening wear in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Fancy Footwear

In addition to the mentioned, your footwear is an important item that should go in your bag while packing. It’s advisable that you have more than one option so that you can change them if you need to. For instance, you could take along a pair of high heels and some casual flats in case your feet are tired by the time you want to hit the dancefloor.


This is one of the easiest things to forget, and it can be a headache when you do. Toiletries are a necessity when you’re going to a wedding as they contain all of those things you need for last minute touches. Don’t forget your makeup, toothbrush, shower gel, shaving sticks as well as anything else you need to clean up well. Perfumes, hair clips, earrings, and enough underwear should also be included too.

Wedding weekends are something worth looking forward to as they’re often a celebration of love. It’s an opportunity to see two special people exchange vows and begin the rest of their lives together. The list above should help you remember the crucial items you need to make it a weekend to remember.


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