Tips For Proposing This Valentine’s Day

Whether you and your sweetheart have been together for nearly a decade or just a year, you know this Valentine’s Day is the time to get down on one knee and deliver a proper proposal to the woman of your dreams. But where do you even start? Sure, you’ve made her feel absolutely adored every Valentine’s Day you’ve spent together, but this one has to be truly spectacular.

If you’re preparing to ask the most important question of your life but need some words of wisdom to guide you through, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll give you some helpful tips to make sure the only option is “YES!”

Proposing This Valentine’s Day

Select the piece de resistance

If there’s only one thing you get right about this proposal, it should be the ring. Hopefully, you and your future wife have started to discuss sizes and style preferences before so you can choose one that’s picture perfect from the moment she accepts. If not, here are a few helpful tips on how to buy an engagement ring:

  • Opt for a simple or timeless ring if you feel overwhelmed with options
  • Or, select a temporary ring setting so that she can make adjustments later on once the proposal shots have been taken
  • Sneak one of her current rings to find out her ring size if you don’t already know it

Pick a location

Once you have the ring picked out and set to be ready by February 14th, it’s time to start planning your proposal. You can start by considering where you want to pop the question. The answer depends entirely on your relationship as well as her preferences. Maybe the two of you are sports fans and she’d love a public proposal right on your favorite NBA team’s home court. Alternatively, your girl might be looking for a more private affair.

When choosing where you want to propose to the love of your life, you should always make sure the place you choose holds meaning to both you and your partner.

Here are a few ideas to make your proposal unique and meaningful:

  • Pop the question where you had your first date
  • Ask her at dinner with her family
  • Propose on vacation
  • Asked while you’re at home in a relaxed environment
  • Center your proposal around nature

Craft your speech

Whether you include a line from her favorite novel of all time, best comment for your girl pic to impress her, or just write what’s in your heart, you want to make sure your speech is as tender and meaningful as possible. However, when it finally comes down to it, you might have trouble actually spitting out the words because you’re so nervous or overwhelmed with love, so it’s a good idea to write it all down. Even if you don’t actually get to complete the entire speech, she’ll have a lovely memento to look back to throughout your marriage.


Capture the moment

Whether you have a professional photographer or just a friend with the iPhone 11 Pro, you need to make sure your proposal is captured from start to finish. Hey, you’re getting ready to marry the most beautiful woman in the world, it’s worth a shot!

Capture the moment

Don’t forget a gift!

If you’re planning to propose on a gift-centered holiday like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or your anniversary, you want to make sure you have your bases covered so that she doesn’t get tipped off about your surprise announcement. Or worse, she could end up in a sour mood hours before you pop the question if it looks like you forgot a Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Plan the post-party

The moment you pop the question is certainly the most important part in making your proposal a memorable and successful one, but that’s not to say the moments after don’t count, too. Proposals are about love and excitement, so make sure the party doesn’t stop after the question has been popped. Here are a few ways to make the moments after your proposal extra special:

  • Plan a dinner party with your closest family and friends
  • Go on a proposal honeymoon
  • Have a party with your loved ones

Wrapping up

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular proposal days of the year, so you’ll certainly want to make yours stand out from the crowd. Use these tips to make this her dream proposal!


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